Happy Money Mondays! Today’s topic is Gratitude and Success



Hi everyone,

I’ve heard so much about how gratitude is a key to abundance.  In fact, I’m including gratitude as a key practice for the Self-Forgiveness and Money group that I’m offering in May.

So, I’m doing my own week to focus on gratitude.  I want to see what it’s like when I – Debbie Roth – look for the good.

How does being grateful for me and my life open me to success?  That is my inquiry, that is what I want to know.

What happens when someone asks me how I’m doing, and I say, “Great!”  (Because on some level, that’s always true.)

What happens when I give thanks for the moment right now.  Stop, breathe, and give thanks.

I heard a seminar this morning from a spiritual mentor, John-Roger.  In it, he said that you can’t open to the blessings if you’re in the past or the future.  That’s it’s all here right now.

And, I thought about all the times when I was thinking ahead to what’s next, instead of being fully present with myself and the people I’m with.  What happens when I am?

I also thought about all the times I look back to the past, about something I’m missing (such as regret about ending my relationship with my partner, David).  I can’t be open to the opportunity available for me now if I’m doing that.

So this week, here I am, walking my talk that I’ll be asking participants in the group to walk—and practicing GRATITUDE!!  And as I do this, I plan to do Self-forgiveness when judgments surface.

Today, my focus is gratitude…for me.

Breathe and here we go:

I am grateful for myself and my loving presence.  I am grateful for my willingness to show up and forgive, as a coach and as a student. I am grateful for all the ways I give myself love.  (see example here — the greens drink I made this morning!)

Gratitude Day 1

My intention this day — this awesome day of being grateful for me — is to see the good in me and experience my incredible gifts.  And, I forgive myself for judging myself for not seeing this all the time.  ❤

I’m also creating an affirmation for the week.  Affirmations are a great way to keep my mind focused on gratitude!  My affirmation for this week is:

“I am looking for the good in all people and things, and leaving all the rest to Spirit

….and having FUN DOING IT.”


For today, I invite you to be grateful for YOU, and to take the time to do good things for yourself.  And, extend that gratitude to your life this week. Notice the experience you have when you do this.  Write it down.  Say an affirmation that’s meaningful for you and moves you in a positive direction.

Here’s a 3-min video I made this morning to do and practice gratitude—and give more insight on how it opens us to success.

Click here to watch the video – and join in if you like:


Gratitude is having a great attitude—starting with having a great attitude toward ourselves.

Have a wonderful day!

Love, Debbie

ps – Trent, this is my weekly smile.  What a fantastic creative prompt you have!


If you have a success project that you want to work on, or if you’d like simple tools for doing it, I invite you to reach out to me.  We can talk about what you want and work together to help you co-create that!

Email me at info@forgivingconnects.com or click on the graphic below:


27 thoughts on “Happy Money Mondays! Today’s topic is Gratitude and Success

  1. “you can’t open to the blessings if you’re in the past or the future” – kind of goes along with my comment about picking up litter as I walk; I too often miss it if I’m not in the present taking in my surroundings.

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    1. YES! Trent, that’s true isn’t it? Gratitude is really helping me to be in the present—and open to the blessings right in front of me. I’m seeing this each day of my 7-day Gratitude Week. (Today is “being grateful for loving relationship” by the way. In case you want to do it too.)

      Blessings, Trent. Thanks for your Weekly Smile.

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  2. Gratitude IS a wonderful attitude. I love the way you invite us to be grateful for ourselves. Many people who cultivate gratitude do not extend that gratefulness to themselves (me included)!

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    1. This is beautiful. Calm is a powerful focus—to me, this is a natural byproduct of practicing gratitude! You have a wonderful blog. 🙂
      ps – a mentor of mine John Morton once said to me that gratitude is having a great attitude. That’s really stayed with me.

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  3. Hello Debbie, I am so with you on gratitude and success. They are happy bed fellows. Gratitude has been the foundation for so much goodness and the many blessings in my life. I am grateful! Blessings Be.

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  4. When we do these gratefulness posts it’s usually about the things around us and other in our lives, so I love this. Being grateful to and for ourselves. And forgiving ourselves for our judging ourselves. Being thankful for who we are and appreciating the good things about ourselves is definitely something we should be grateful for more often. Great post 🙂
    Caz xx


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