Happy #ForgivingFridays! A New Newsletter on Forgiveness and Compassion <3

  I just created a forgiveness newsletter called “Moments of Forgiveness and Compassion”, and I’m inviting you to sign up if it would be helpful for you. Oh, and happy #ForgivingFridays!! To sign up now, click here: https://mailchi.mp/d49fbf902101/moments-of-forgiveness-and-compassion I’ll be sending out the newsletter about 2x per month, and each one will be bite-sized so … More Happy #ForgivingFridays! A New Newsletter on Forgiveness and Compassion ❤

A Belated #ForgivingFridays––A Touching Forgiveness Story

Hi everyone, Happy belated #ForgivingFridays!  It’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you.  I hope you and your loved ones are well, healthy and happy. ❤ Here’s my sharing for this week: I got a real schooling yesterday on Self-forgiveness, and how important it is … More A Belated #ForgivingFridays––A Touching Forgiveness Story