An Intimate and Nurturing 4-Month Adventure

Co-Creating Your Exquisite Life is an opportunity for you to live into what love is calling you to do in your life, and to dive in together bring this forward.  We’ll explore where you are and aren’t living into what’s most meaningful for you, where you’re living for someone else or putting others’ needs first, or perhaps where you’re procrastinating on a dream you’ve been wanting to create.  In our time together, you’ll have a sacred space to slow down with the vision of your heart, to allow yourself to be led by your highest and deepest purpose, and to manifest your (inner and outer) world so that you’re fully showing up for YOU.

In this small group experience, you’ll set yourself up for having the best 2022 and create a lasting foundation for your exquisite life in the years to come.  I chose “exquisite” because it is of utmost beauty to bring forward the quality of life that moves your Soul.   

We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more deeply our divine courage, freedom and light. -Hafiz

What you’ll do:

*Choose an area of your life to bring forward more of what you want over the 4 months, i.e., career, money, body, relationships, inner expansion/peace, etc.

* Release old stories that have held you back from what’s possible––and replace them with narrative that reflects the power within you.

*Take conscious and intentional action to manifest what’s most heart-felt for you into your day-to-day life.

*Focus on a monthly quality to help you connect to your wisdom as you create more of what you want.

*Get support with bi-weekly coaching calls, a Self-forgiveness Spa Day, and rich reports to slow down with your progress/learning. (Plus, a surprise or two along the way)

*Receive profound momentum through participating with 8 amazing and powerful women traveling the same journey.

What you’ll walk away with:

*The majesty of creating a life that’s inspiring and fulfilling for you and touches your Soul. 

*A deep experience of what it’s like to show up in your world based on your highest wisdom and knowing.

*A practice of Self-forgiveness you can use anytime to let go of what doesn’t serve you and stand in the gift of who you are.

*Greater freedom and enthusiasm inside and with what’s available for you to create in your life.

*An attitude of gratitude for what you already have…and your many gifts and talents.

*A new guidepost to help you use everything that happens as a stepping stone for awakening to greater Self-love and compassion.


September 18 – January 22

There are two group calls / month to support you––plus a retreat Forgiveness Spa Day:

Sept. 18

Oct. 2

Oct. 16

Oct. 30

Nov. 13 (Forgiveness Spa Day)

Nov. 20

Dec. 4

Dec. 15

Jan. 8

Jan. 22

Time of 1st and last session is: 9am – 1pm PDT
All in between sessions will be 10:00am – 12noon PDT, except for the Spa Day which ends at 1pm PDT


A 1:1 coaching session to use over the course of the group

A private Facebook group to access additional support


Fee: $1,500 one time payment upon enrollment, or $1,800 payment plan ($1,000 due upon enrollment, $800 due by October 15.)

Limited to 8 women to create a personalized, small group experience––and dive deeply into your vision for creating an exquisite 2022. 

To register:

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Experience the support of amazing, powerful women traveling the same journey.


Choose an area of your life to nurture and manifest what’s most in your heart.


Set yourself up exquisitely for the transformation you are expanding into for 2022.

“After working with Debbie as a life coach, over the last six months, the impact of our work together for me has been both profound and one of the greatest blessings of my life. With her gentle persistence and total acceptance, she has helped me know the importance of slowing down and being with myself. By practising slowing down, I am now accessing parts of myself, hidden so deeply, I had no idea they were there and in doing so, I have come to a new and more loving acceptance of all that I am.”

Mary McKeone, Writer and Novelist, Manchester England

It is of utmost beauty to bring forward the quality of life that moves your Soul.