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Self-forgiveness is one of the most profound keys that I know to make peace with yourself.

Self-forgiveness starts inside and is so simple: it’s you forgiving yourself for judging yourself or others as right or wrong.  That is a profound shift from the usual way of doing forgiveness.  This means that it’s not really about you forgiving someone else, or even yourself as a person.  It’s about you forgiving yourself for the judgment you placed.

You can use a simple phrase to do this: “I forgive myself for judging….”  (For example, I forgive myself for judging my body as XX. Or, I forgive myself for judging my mom/spouse/child as XX.)

Then pause to let it go.

And say at least one thing you’re grateful for.

Simple? Yes.  Easy?  Well, it takes practice. 🙂

Forgiveness is Self-Liberation

When you’re upset about something in your life, the upset is not really about that thing “out there”.  Rather, it’s touching in to a place inside of you where you’re not at peace. You reactions are often traced back to messages that you received when you were younger.  Without addressing these beliefs, it’s easy to get stuck in your issues.  e.g., cycling in and out of relationship, losing weight only to put it back on, or going in and out of debt (to name a few examples!).

Looking at what’s underneath these patterns can help you to heal them for the last time.  Key to this work is the practice of Self-forgiveness, so you can identify and get free from old stories that block you. And give acceptance and loving to those places inside where you bought into these beliefs.

This can open tremendous doors to create what’s truly important for you.  You may find that you have more energy to manifest your heart-felt projects.  You can create new beliefs that serve you better and help you make authentic, Self-honoring choices. And, most importantly, releasing these limiting beliefs can help you see yourself (and everyone else) through the eyes of love.

There is so much available to you—Self-forgiveness truly is “life-changing.”

Forgiveness is A Friend

If you want to experience the gifts of forgiveness, you’ve come to a safe space to explore that.

Each time that you judge, you have the opportunity to look at it, accept it, and forgive yourself for judging – to heal one more issue and see yourself in your exquisite beauty.  Everything that comes into your life is a blessing to help you do this.  Everything.

You don’t need to know how to forgive.  Or let go.  You just need to be willing to forgive, and your heart will do the rest.  And you may find that grace comes to help you on your way.

The Beauty of Your True Face Rumi 2 March 8 2018

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