Video and Podcast Tips!

This is a space for you to explore and practice your process with forgiving.


Listen to a Forgiveness Podcast with me on “I’m Awake Now What”!  You’ll learn tips to help you forgive, suggestions on how to let go when it feels hard to do, and why Self-forgiveness is key to create lasting change.

Click image below to listen: 

Forgiveness Podcast Liberation 2018


Additional podcast highlights:

* Learn why acceptance is foundational to practicing forgiveness — and how you can use it.
* See how you can forgive yourself when you make a “mistake”
* Answer the question, “What if there were NO mistakes?”
* Remind yourself that you are bigger than anything that happens to you.
* Understand why forgiveness is NOT the same as condoning the behavior.
* Learn about the healing of memories and how it can unlock boundless energy and creativity.
* Why Self-forgiveness gets at the underlying issues so you can GET FREE!



“Forgiving Fours” are short video with 4 simple steps for forgiving.  You’re welcome to try them out and see how they work for you!

You’ll also see video to build qualities that can help you forgive, such as coming present to your heart and rest.

Enjoy them, and know that forgiveness is one step at a time.

For more video tips, visit ForgivingConnects on YouTube    





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