Happy #ForgivingFridays! A New Newsletter on Forgiveness and Compassion <3

Moments of Forgiveness and Compassion


I just created a forgiveness newsletter called “Moments of Forgiveness and Compassion”, and I’m inviting you to sign up if it would be helpful for you. Oh, and happy #ForgivingFridays!!

To sign up now, click here:


I’ll be sending out the newsletter about 2x per month, and each one will be bite-sized so you can do the video/tips/steps anytime easily. In it, you’ll get resources such as steps to forgive plus:

Videos on being compassionate and listening to yourself (see below for a sample that I did on Facebook recently!)

  • Blog posts with personal stories––some of these will be from this blog & others will be special highlights just for the newsletter 🙂 .
  • Practical exercises to try out forgiveness
  • Other fun and simple tips to help you, especially on peace!
  • And a whole lot of love ❤

I designed this E-newsletter as a sacred space for you to connect with your intentions and create more of what’s most meaningful for you––and to slow down with accepting and loving any parts that may need a little extra attention right now. To listen and be with yourself, and open to deeper acceptance and caring.

Plus I’ll include tools and techniques to help you make peace with what’s going on (especially during this time) and give yourself “forgiveness” and “listening” breaks!

Many blessings to all––AND comment below with your suggestions on what you’d like to see in the e-newsletter. It’s open for all of your feedback and inspiration!

I am sending each of you so much love and forgiveness today.  I’ll end with a beautiful Hafiz quote that makes me think of you:

Awake my dear

be kind to your sleeping heart

take it out into the vast fields of Light

and let it breathe.

Love, Debbie

Video on Being Compassionate and Listening to Yourself:



9 thoughts on “Happy #ForgivingFridays! A New Newsletter on Forgiveness and Compassion <3

      1. Unfortunately my daughter will be taking her classes online from her bedroom. She’s going full time in the fall, but if this lasts into spring she will go part time…she’s handling it like a champ though

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Anne. A David Sand creation.

      The newsletter will be bringing together numerous components of the forgiveness tips I do, e.g., this blog, Facebook videos, exercises on steps to forgive, etc. Should be really beautiful, and fun too!

      Lots of love Anne. So glad you’re here, your presence uplifts my blog.


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