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Money is a big issue for so many of my clients.  I’ve sat with a lot of people who struggle with their finances and spend significant time and energy working on it. 

Money can touch in to a vulnerable place inside, and challenges are often traced back to messages that you received when you’re younger.  Without addressing these beliefs, it’s easy to get stuck in your financial issues.  You probably know someone who doesn’t charge enough for their services, or cycles in and out of debt. 

And what you do with money, you do in the rest of your life. 

One of my clients had no idea what his income and expenses were at the start of our program. He was living paycheck to paycheck, and yet he spent money on things he didn’t really want. Underneath his financial issues, my client took care of everyone else’s needs before his own. He did this not only with money, but also in his relationships, self-care and career. Fortunately, he was open to looking at where this pattern came from, and release the old stories he bought into through Self-forgiveness.

Getting free with your finances can open tremendous doors to create what’s truly important for you.  Through our work together, my client developed a clear system to track his finances, initiated and grew two savings accounts, and identified simple guidelines to make authentic choices and stand in them. By our last session, he began to envision the launch of a new technology project he’d dreamed about for years.

He said that for him, this work together was “life-changing.”

Given the richness of working with money, I created this program, Self-Forgiveness and Money.  It’s is a 3-month online group for you to choose a financial goal that fits for you and move toward success—and have fun doing it!  Key to our work together is the technique of Self-forgiveness, so you can identify and get free from old stories about money that block you. Together, we’ll build a solid foundation for your financial success and freedom to create more of what you want in your life. 

This group is for you if:

You’ve been putting off paying – or even looking at – your credit card bills.

You want to become debt free AND have money in your savings.

You’re starting a project, business, etc., and want to support to do this.

You have a financial goal that you’ve been meaning to do and want help getting going.

You’ve cycled in and out of debt and really want to change that.

You’d like to be more confident in: asking for a raise, setting strong fees for your business, or managing your bank account.

You value other peoples’ needs before your own and are ready to take care of yourself first. 

And most of all….

You want to get free from limiting beliefs about money and what you’re worth – and experience a deep sense of abundance. 


What you’ll do:

Choose a financial goal that fits for you and move on it in a fun and supportive program.

Start with a personalized 90-min session with me to clarify what you want to create – inwardly and outwardly – and develop a plan to achieve that.

Track your numbers to get transparent with your current financial situation.  (You can’t create transformation until you’re honest!)

Get support in 2-hour group calls every other week for coaching, tips to use forgiveness, and more!

Have access to a community forum for you to post your questions and progress, receive coaching, and learn from each other’s experience.

Watch video on a weekly focus for abundance and practice techniques to implement this in your day-to-day life. 

Complete with a half-day group coaching call to claim your wins, identify key progress and milestones, and explore what’s next with your finances.


What you’ll get:

Enjoy significant success on your financial goal – or something greater!

Let go of old stories around worth and money and live into your true value.

Strengthen your financial picture by making authentic choices and taking 100% responsibility for them.

Implement a clear, consistent system to track your numbers in a way that works for you. 

Experience freedom and possibility with money and what’s available for you to create in your life.

Live your life from a place of abundance and learn what that REALLY means for you.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for what you already have … and who you are.

Institute life-long tools to create financial health from the inside out.   


Program Details:

Registration limited! I’m only taking 8 – 10 people to give each participant personalized attention and dive deeply into your vision for creating a strong financial picture. 

Fee: $750. A deposit of $150 is required to secure your space.  The remainder is due by the first group call on May 4, or can be made in 2 payments ($400 total by May 4 and $350 by June 1).  


Click here for PayPal (email for payment:

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Sat., May 4  10am – 12:30 pm PST

Wed., May 15 10am – 12 pm PST

Sat., June 1  10am – 12 pm PST

Wed., June 19 10am – 12 pm PST

Sat., July 6  10am – 12 pm PST

Wed., July 17 10am – 12 pm PST

Sat., Aug. 3 10am – 12:30pm PST


My story:

My name is Debbie Roth, and I’m a Professional Forgiveness Coach.  I work with clients individually and in small groups to make peace with themselves and create more of what they truly want in their lives. (See my About page for more detail.)

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a family with very little money and stability.  My mom was mentally ill and on government assistance.  I had challenges with eating disorders and feelings of low self-worth.  Although I excelled in college and my early career in politics and social programs, I carried those feelings of low self-worth with me.  I didn’t have confidence in myself and spent a lot of money on food and alcohol.

This changed when I met my spiritual teacher, John-Roger.  I began to see who I was truly and heal past memories with my parents through Self-forgiveness.  I earned a Doctorate in Spiritual Science with a focus on Self-forgiveness as a pathway to peace and compassion. I learned how to value the gifts I brought to the world and realize my worthiness to receive.  After my marriage to an amazing man, I found myself with significant financial resources.   

Since that time, I’ve managed my money well and created greater abundance through simple, practical tools – both inner and outer. I got transparent and clear with my financial numbers and where I’m placing my money, and I educated myself on smart investment opportunities.  For example, I own and rent a home in Santa Monica, and I have a rich portfolio of real estate and stock investments.

I continue to practice Self-forgiveness on a regular basis to strengthen my experience of my Self-worth.  And, as I move forward with creating what I want, I use challenges to identify and get free from limiting stories around money.  Each time I let go of an old belief, I anchor how much I value myself and live more fully in the awareness that in love, all things are possible.

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