It’s Money Mondays! Today’s Topic is “What You Do with Money is a Mirror for Your Life”!

****This post has a lot in it on my own personal journey with money. It’s vulnerable and the first time I’m sharing some of it here.****



Hi everybody!

Welcome to Money Mondays.  This is a weekly post to explore how Self-forgiveness can assist you in releasing old stories about money and stepping into greater financial freedom.  I’m offering an online group in May on “Self-Forgiveness and Money”, so this is a great forum to play with techniques that we’ll use in the group—and hopefully, you’ll find tools to use in your own lives.

As part of the group, we’ll be looking at what money mirrors to you about how you show up in your life.  So for this Money Mondays, let’s talk about that! Here are a few questions for you:

What is a limiting pattern that you have with money, e.g., going in debt, fear of not having enough, penny pinching, etc? 

What does this reflect to you about how you show up in your life, including your relationship with yourself? (Isn’t that the most important relationship?)  

What is a more positive way that you can relate to yourself and money?  

I encourage you to sit with yourself this week and journal your responses to the questions above. And if you’re ready, join me for a wonderful introductory event this Sunday on the “gift” in your money story—and receiving the blessing of that. Let me know if you have questions on the class. See below for info!

Everyone that I know has some money issues. e.g., cycling in and out of debt, fear about making ends meet, not charging what you’re worth, etc…. We deal with it every day. What is the last day you didn’t handle money in some way??

And money is a powerful reflection on what we do in the rest of our lives—with our relationships, career, health. Addressing the blocks we have with money can transform EVERYTHING else.

For me personally, I’ve struggled with valuing myself with money. I remember as a kid, I saw my mom lay on the couch doing nothing except sleep. (I’ve written about this before.) I saw her never make money except for government assistance. She had an incredible career as a pianist and couldn’t work. I saw her go in and out of mental hospitals.

Somewhere along the line, I bought into the belief that she failed, and that I can never do that. That I’m not inherently valuable as I am, so I better be the best in my world. Value = money and career success.  It was somewhere “out there”.

I pushed myself so hard. I got good grades, excelled at everything! Even with all that, I began to not take care of my own needs—why would I if I’m not worth anything? I developed an eating disorder that lasted for THIRTY years. Thank God I never went into the hospital or hurt myself (beyond the emotional distress and self-criticism.)

I had $50K in student loan debt when I left college. I took jobs that I thought other people would think highly of. My little apt in NY was barely enough for a fold up couch, it had roaches, and I still had an eating disorder.

No matter how well I did out in the world, I never kept the money I made. I spent thousands on food and alcohol. I bought clothes for work that I didn’t take care of. And I had no idea how I was ever going to pay off the debt I had.

Money reflected to me the low value that I placed on myself, and the level to which I didn’t take care of myself—including my basic needs.

I turned this around when I studied Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. I learned the incredible power of Self-forgiveness to heal old stories and replaced the belief that “I’m not enough” or “My needs aren’t important.” I quit my job, got divorced and moved across the country. I began to be a GOOD steward of my money and now make 6 figures and own property in Southern California.

I KNOW (and learn more every day) that I am valuable exactly as I am, that my true source is inside. AND, I am worthy of receiving the good in life. That includes money.

This was a life-changer for me.

I am co-creating a life that truly resonates with my dreams, some of which are reawakening after years.  This includes the outer things, like home, relationship, and career—and first and foremost, it’s an inner awareness that I am all that I’ve ever searched for.


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If you have a limiting belief (or two!) about money, if there’s something blocking you and you want to replace it — e.g., with LOVING yourself and TAKING CARE of yourself and VALUING yourself, I am offering a free Zoom class to find out about how to do that.

Attend and take a good look at your relationship with money and how you want to transform that.

Learn the incredible blessing that your money story has given you to see and stand in who you truly are.

The class is a time to fully slow down and handle the old stories that have held you back from the success you want financially and in your life. And receive the blessings available to you here and now.

To register click here:

Find the Blessings in Money Intro

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Debbie

**This is my contribution for Frank’s photo challenge Round and Trent’s Weekly Smile  – Frank, what goes around comes around. Thank you both!**





9 thoughts on “It’s Money Mondays! Today’s Topic is “What You Do with Money is a Mirror for Your Life”!

  1. What a wonderful post Debbie and you’re certainly proof that we can turn our life around.
    I have an interesting association with money. I grew up with traditional Italian parents who emigrated and worked hard for every cent. Money was always about hard work, everything was an effort and not to be wasted. Thank you for an enlightening and honest post. You’re an inspiration. Hugs and love from across the ocean. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miriam, so great to have you visit! This comment is so enlightened. Isn’t it amazing what messages we can pick up as kids? Thank you for sharing about this. I just offered an intro class where people shared openly about their limiting stories with money. They said that they felt relieved and more freedom just by opening up.

      Bless you Miriam! Hugs right back at you. 🙂
      Love and Light,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Anne, this is beautiful!! Love that you are sharing about your vision for an Int’l Day of Forgiving here. What a possibility for greater connection and choosing love. How did your day go?

      Loving you,


    1. I so hear that AmyRose! I acknowledge you for addressing your money fears, that’s courageous and Self-honoring. As an option, you may consider sending loving to the fear and doubt you experience, and to hold a perspective of “releasing” rather than “throwing away”. Try it if you want and see how it works for you!
      Blessings to you, AmyRose. Lovely to see you here. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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