It’s Money Mondays! Today’s Topic is Letting Your Love Speak!



Hi everybody!

Welcome to Money Mondays.  This is a weekly post to explore how Self-forgiveness can assist you in releasing old stories about money and stepping into greater financial freedom.  I’m offering an online group in May on “Self-Forgiveness and Money”, so this is a great forum to play with techniques that we’ll use in the group—and hopefully, you’ll find tools to use in your own lives.

As part of the group, we’ll be choosing a financial project to complete over the 3 months. So for this Money Mondays, let’s talk about creating an ideal scene for a project that has heart for you! Here are a few questions for you:

What is a project you could do over the next 3 months to make positive change, e.g., in your finances, job, etc? 

If you were wildly successful, what would be happening in 3-6 months? (or a time frame of your choosing!) 

Pause and be still.  Ask for inner guidance on what you truly want.  What do you hear?  

I encourage you to sit with yourself this week and journal your responses to the questions above. And if you’re ready, join me and create an Ideal Scene for what you want around money—let your love guide you. Share what you do with me if you want to!

Ideal scenes are a powerful way to create a vision for what you want.  It’s a snapshot of how you see an area of your life at a particular point in the future, e.g. 6 months or a year from now.  When you express what you want (even if you’re not 100% sure), you give it life inside and transformation can occur.

This morning, I did an Ideal Scene on my own personal project of transitioning out of my part-time job and expanding my professional coaching practice! I wrote it as if it were already happening exactly how I wanted.

I was resistant to doing this.

And I did it anyway.  Because sometimes, the doing of it does it!


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I learned so much doing this. I surprised myself with what I wrote.  I had a limiting belief that “I don’t know what I want.” The truth is, somewhere inside, I DO KNOW.  And when I took action and started writing, it was revealed to me. This is love speaking.

(That’s one of the most profound things about doing an Ideal Scene.)

This old story used to hold me back from fully taking action and expressing myself.  I forgive myself for buying into that belief—and I step free.

Here are highlights of what I learned:

The foundation for what I do is divine inspiration and Self-care.  Each day, it is SO important for me to be still and listen within, and to take good care of Debbie—eat well, meditation, exercise, etc.

The next step for me is to see the good in each person I serve and connect with and KNOW that as a coach, I simply help bring out what’s already inside of them.

I want a home with a fulfilling partnership to be a part of expanding my practice.  This is a part of experiencing and expressing love!

The things that bring me JOY are: working with individual clients, speaking on forgiveness, and taking clear leadership in the field. And create abundance doing it!

My practice is based on giving—to myself and others. That includes celebrating the money that I make and spending it on myself generously!

And possibly the most important is the WHY?  I learned that my purpose is to inspire people with the joy of living into who they are. 

Next week, I’ll talk more about how Self-forgiveness can help you to get free from limiting beliefs that stand in the way of bringing forward your Ideal Scene.  For today, I’d like to end with a quote on love:

“The experience of love cannot come from a book or be contained in words. It can only be experienced.” ~John-Roger, from Momentum: Letting Love Lead

Have a wonderful week!

Love, Debbie

**This is my contribution for Frank’s photo challenge Surface and Trent’s Weekly Smile  – thank you both!**


If you have a project that you want to work on, or if you’d like simple instructions for doing an Ideal Scene, I invite you to reach out to me.  We can talk about what you want and keys to help you envision that!

Email me at or click on the graphic below:


18 thoughts on “It’s Money Mondays! Today’s Topic is Letting Your Love Speak!

  1. Hi Debbie, It has been some time since I have visited your blog. Love this post, and love how you explain how we hold ourself back, and I agree we so do. Journaling really is an eye opener, and reading blog post like this, help us to take the next step.

    Wish you all the success with your coaching.

    Looking forward to reading your post going forward.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Bella, welcome back! So glad this post was meaningful for you. Take a moment and email me if you respond to the questions.

      Thank you for the well wishes. That means a lot.

      Blessings to you, Bella, as you take your next steps in your own life. You are an incredible woman!
      – Debbie

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Anne, thank you! So glad this was clear and you experienced the joy of sharing my experience with Ideal Scenes. They are very powerful as a vehicle to hold positive images for what I want to create. I put it up right below my prayer to serve and a beautiful poster (by Mr. David Sand) on a forgiveness evening that I hosted.

      YOU are a bundle of joy and peace, and I’m grateful that you’re here Anne. Loving you — and each step you take on your own path of forgiveness. ❤ Be well, my friend.
      Love and Light,


    1. Kimberlee, I’m so glad that this post touched you — and that you found quiet space to read it and reflect on the questions. That is Self-honoring, and I acknowledge you. Feel free to let me know how you’re doing, OK? I’m sending you much Light and love.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Debbie you truly model and lead the way in clearing or heart spaces with forgiveness and peace, so we become capable of finding our worth in joy and also in money. Wish you an amazing experience with leading your group!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pragalbha, thank you! I get that you witness the grace of forgiveness as you read my writing. It is an honor to have your presence here. AND, I’m so excited that you contributed two posts for #ForgivingFridays. I’m about to write my blog now and will publish them!

      Love to you in all ways.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Mary, that’s an excellent financial project! Love that. If you want, try out doing an Ideal Scene for the IRA account or even the information gathering process. Feel free to let me know how it goes.

      I’m sending you and Tom all the best as you work through what you choose to do.

      Much love, Mary.


    1. Hi Kathy! Great question.
      Ideal Scenes are a form of creative visualization. When you do them, you envision where you’ll be at in an area of your life in 6 months or another time frame of your choosing. Then, in the Ideal Scene, you write down what you’re experiencing, both inwardly and outwardly, as if it’s already happened.

      So for example, I have an Ideal Scene on my next home. One of my “spokes” is:
      “I am peacefully walking through the garden in my new home and enjoying the vibrant colors and smells of the plants, herbs, and flowers that bless it.”

      Does that make sense? I have a great handout on this, so if you’re interested you can email me for that.
      Blessings to you Kathy.

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