It’s the First Money Mondays! Topic: Accepting our Limiting Stories



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Hi everybody!

Welcome to Money Mondays.  This is a weekly post to explore how Self-forgiveness can assist you in creating financial success and letting go of old stories that stand in the way of that.  A powerful key to financial freedom and knowing your true source is inside!

I’m offering an online group in March on “Self-Forgiveness and Money”, so this is a great forum to play with techniques that we’ll use in the group.  Hopefully, you’ll find gems to check out and use in your own lives.  Let me know how it goes for you.

For this first edition, let’s talk about limiting stories we tell ourselves around money.  Here are a few questions for you:

  1. What is your current relationship with money? (i.e., what does money mean to you?)
  2. What limiting beliefs did you learn when you were young around money?
  3. What positive beliefs did you grow up with about money?


I encourage you to sit with yourself this week and journal your responses to the questions above. Acknowledge yourself for slowing down and becoming more aware of your stories about money. If you’re called to, write a blog post about your experiences and what you learned – tag my post if you’d like me to read and/or share it!

When you look at these old stories, transformation can occur. For example, I have a client who at the start of our program, believed that he needed to take care of everyone else’s needs before his own.  As a part of this, he was living paycheck-to-paycheck and had no idea what his income and expenses were.

How to work with this? Well, a great first step is to be willing to identify what these beliefs are and ACCEPT them.  My client had a lot of shame around his financial state, and he hadn’t told anyone about the details of where he was until we did coaching.

Once he did this, an internal pressure released inside and he was able to take powerful action to clean up his money situation – and he began to release the old stories he’d bought into.  He identified simple guidelines for himself to make authentic choices and stand in them. By our last session, my client began to envision the launch of a new technology project he’d dreamed about for years.

Bottom line: There is no shame in the stories we tell ourselves around money.  Each of us has one (even the most “successful” people in finances), and it is so freeing simply to acknowledge them and be real with what’s so.  Doing this can change your life and open tremendous doors to self-acceptance and creating what’s truly important for you.

One more resource for you:

Listen to a Forgiveness podcast with me on Krista Xiomara’s “I’m Awake Now What” series!  You’ll learn tips to help you forgive, suggestions on how to let go of old stories, and why Self-forgiveness is key to make lasting change.

Click here to listen to the podcast!:

forgiveness podcast identifying beliefs 2018


Have a wonderful week!  Much loving to all.




To learn more about the Self-Forgiveness and Money Group, email me at or click this graphic: 

self-forgiveness and money group


4 thoughts on “It’s the First Money Mondays! Topic: Accepting our Limiting Stories

    1. Thanks, Anne!! It’s such a new topic, and I’m really excited about the possibilities. Self-forgiveness is one of the greatest tools I know to let go of old stories around money! Cool, huh? I have a great story from my own life on this for next week. Send Light!


  1. What a wonderful idea to explore the connection between self-forgiveness and finances. This can be a difficult subject to navigate, so I’m glad you are encouraging your readers to dig deep. I love what you said about the first step is identifying what the beliefs are and then accepting them. So important!! Thank you for the resources & thought-provoking post. So appreciate you, Debbie!


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