Today’s forgiving journal: A request for help

Today’s forgiving journal is a request for help. #Iforgive
I tried writing this journal multiple times, and kept stopping.
Truth is, I’m discouraged. I had a neat idea for a project called “ForgivingFridays” . I’d like to encourage people to take action to forgive on that day and post about it on their blog or social media, using #ForgivingFridays and #Iforgive. Someone else is doing a similar thing already, although not exactly.
Do I keep doing it? Do I let it go? What I am present to is this.
Love it. Love it all. Ask for love to lead the way.
I think what really bothered me the most is that I was so excited about it. I forgive myself. I forgive myself for judging. I forgive myself for forgetting to have fun.
When I was walking in NY, I saw a sign outside this store that had “LOVE” written in many colors. That’s what I see for this beautiful day of forgiving.
I don’t know what the name will be or what the form will be exactly. What I do want to do is invite lots of creative expression, such as forgiveness statements, short stories, poetry, photography, video, etc that inspire forgiving in its many colors.
Today, what inspires me is the dedication that I see in people to love. It stops me in my tracks, and I am awed by all of the expressions of the human experience.
I’m still feeling a little stuck, and I am open to love showing me the way.
I love you.
Love, Debbie

ps – this is my contribution for Frank’s Challenge, “The Color of Love”.  Thanks Frank – this was a deeply moving post for me.


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43 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: A request for help

  1. First of all, Forgiving Fridays seems like a great idea to me. Very good way to end the week and be clear to enjoy the weekend. It might be good to do some freeform writing to clear the doubts you seem to be experiencing. It might be worth just doing it to see if it works for others. Plus do it yourself and share how it works for you. I might also walk the labyrinth and ask for clarity. Just a few suggestions. Light and blessings to you!

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  2. A further thought. If Forgiving Fridays were an MSIA project, how would you be promoting it? Have you asked for JR’s presence with you for this initiative?

    Loving you, Anne


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    1. God, Anne, these are such good suggestions. I also experienced your caring reach out from across the Atlantic Ocean and envelop me and this project in the love. Thank you, Anne. As a fellow peacemaker and friend, I am blessed by you. ❤ The adventure continues!


  3. We can definitely all use more reminders to take time out of our busy lives to forgive. I was trying to think about what I wanted to say, and I think it’s about extending the invitation and being patient. People may not come into the room right away, but if we keep extending the invitation and practice ourselves, eventually others may follow. I don’t know. I was thinking a lot about hope, despair, forgiveness, and reconciliation this last week (and still today). I think a lot of it is about patience and recognizing that it’s a journey that everyone takes in their own time. Ok, I probably didn’t say anything here that would help, but I would be interested in traveling a journey of Friday Forgiveness with you…

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    1. Emily, in fact this is great feedback and encouragement. Thank you. Patience and just showing up are two keys for me to forgive and to share about my experiences and learnings. Glad to know you are thinking about forgiveness and reconciliation, and I’m sending you so many blessings, my friend. Will keep you posted on my developments! ❤ ❤


  4. The idea that you had was a gift to you …a thought birthed in you, based on your own inclinations and intentions …everything else similar to your idea, is only resonance and affirmation showing up. Let it not bring you into doubt …go ahead and have fun playing with what you feel excited about …it will have your uniqueness flowing through it!

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    1. This completely touched me. Thank you – you opened my perspective. My spiritual mentor has said that intention comes from Spirit’s direction. Looking forward to being on this #ForgivingFridays journey with you. Considering doing themes like “ForgivingPeace” on a Friday. Exciting. Lots of love — Blessings, Debbie

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  5. Hi Debbie, you started the idea. Some bloggers may be inspired by that and started doing the similar thing(s). It doesn’t mean that you have to stop yours. I started something last year, I see that a couple bloggers took on the idea to do a series. I’m not stopping what I want to do. Mine is unquiet, yours is unquiet.Don’t doubt yourself.

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  6. Debbie, i read somewhere ages ago when i started blogging, thete will be others in your niche doing the samething but dont let that stop you . Because your version is your version , as they are your words and thoughts. Therefore, go with what your heart says even if it is taken you will naturally do it differently…

    Go for it.

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      1. Pleasure. Also no two writers are the same. Nor are readers the same. Therefore have a few writers write the same topic means that different readers will find the post ,the book that most reasonates on a topic that has 100 posts or books. We are all unique and resonate at different wave lenghts at different stages of life… isnt it beautiful.
        Go for what your heart says and dont worry about the rest…

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  7. Hey lassie, Go for it sounds of course perfect as forgiveness is always wonderful. Love you Hugs

    On 20 February 2017 at 03:58, ForgivingConnects wrote:

    > forgivingjournal posted: ” Today’s forgiving journal is a request for > help. #Iforgive I tried writing this journal multiple times, and kept > stopping. Truth is, I’m discouraged. I had a neat idea for a project > called “ForgivingFridays” . I’d like to encourage people to ” >

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  8. Don’t be discouraged Debbie, you’ll find your way. Forgiving Fridays sounds like such a great idea and has your mark of love and forgiveness all over it. And it’s uniquely yours. Go for it! Love and hugs xo

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  9. Beautiful idea …… Sometimes we cannot put an idea into action straight away ….. sometimes it needs to take shape over a few days / weeks (or more). Whilst we are going about our day, things will pop up which can help you birth your idea fully. In a nut shell. don’t doubt, or give up. Blessings x 🙂

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    1. Judith, thank you! Yes, inspiration has its own direction and flow, part of what I love (and am sometimes uncomfortable with). My intention is to be open to the guidance I receive from my heart, to love and to forgive, and to do it all with a whole lot of joy!! Many blessings, Judith. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Rhonda!! I’m doing a a lot of meditation and hanging out with folks from a spiritual community I’m connected with … such lovely people. And catching up on rest and my blog! Hope you are doing something fun and full of love. Bless you Rhonda ❤ ~Debbie

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