Today’s forgiving journal: A poem on forgiving and peace – plus a reading!!

Today’s forgiving journal is a poem on forgiving and peace – plus a reading!!

I wrote a poem this morning on forgiveness and peace.

After that, so much of today has been about forgiving and choosing peace inside of me.  I have learned so much about my process of peace, about loving myself, and about how to forgive and be gentle with myself. ❤

I’m going to share the poem with you, in case it inspires forgiveness in you!

John-Roger (one of my spiritual mentors) has said that “Peace is the cessation of againstness.” Boy, so true for me.

I would love to hear your own creativity on forgiving and peace, and how expressing it inspires you to connect to the loving of your heart.

Please feel free to share in the comments below.  I love you.

Love, Debbie

ps – Below the poem is a reading I did of it on YouTube!!  First time I’ve read a poem for the public.

pps – this post is my contribution for Dutch Goes the Photo’s weekly challenge, Nostalgia.  Frank, I added some creativity with nostalgia for what may be.  🙂  Also, I did a video instead – a little unusual, I am hoping that’s ok just for this time (I was inspired).

What if……

Every day was a day

To love

Drink in the love….it starts starts starts with

you receiving your own blessing.

What if…..

Every day was a day to


See and hear and feel the wings of

L-O-V-E singing its name (OH what is that name, help ok got it ____ peace)

The dove comes to you not in your

Understand, not in your Coax, not in the -ing of

These things

It comes in the “What if…..?”  The

questioning of your being-ness, the hyphen shows

the way because it connects you,

every breath, every



to the God, the source, the river

of going home.

With #Iforgive

~Debbie 🙂



35 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: A poem on forgiving and peace – plus a reading!!

  1. Very beautiful, Debbie. I recognise how giving connects me beyond pattrerns of separation. To be a person who is for-giving is who I am as a gift in this world. In the giving/forgiving I am a peacemaker unto myself, and in this way a peacemaker in this world. Furthermore, my world invites more giving from me – and so it grows. Peace!

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    1. You said it, Anne! ❤ Beautiful. The wisdom you share in this blog is a shining example of your for-giving peace. I love you. My spiritual intention is communion, and being with you in this path of forgiving, of peace, and of loving is giving me a direct experience of it! Love, Debbie


    1. Oh, I’m so glad. It just came out of me! Hafiz (a mystical poet I adore) wrote a beautiful quote about asking a bird how it flies in the face of negativity, and the bird replied, “Love lifts me.” That bird seems to me to be soaring. Lots of loving.

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    1. Thank you Rhonda. ❤ So appreciate your presence here & how you bring forward so much compassion and love. Your caring touches me, which I think you know!! Have a wonderful weekend. Hope you're doing something super fun. ~Debbie Blessings my friend


      1. That sounds beautiful and nurturing, Rhonda 💜 I spent time with some lovely friends and went to a ministers mtg (I’m a minister in an alternative spiritual group). Blessings, and lots of hugs xo


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