Today’s forgiving journal: What are your unique gifts and forgiveness?

Hi all,

On Sunday, I posted a forgiving journal on sharing my unique gifts and talents.

Here is an extra video for you with tools that helped me to acknowledge my gifts, and to forgive myself for judging how I express myself.

I would love to hear about YOUR unique talents, how you express them and how you bring forgiveness in when you have judgments about attuning to your authentic voice.

Please feel free to share in the comments below!  ❤

I love you.

Love,  Debbie

ps – my apologies for the audio quality.  (I was on my deck 🙂 . )



33 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: What are your unique gifts and forgiveness?

  1. I keep exercising my forgiveness muscle every day. I try to be aware of when something is happening that I need to forgive myself and another person. Forgiveness is a two-way street. I always forgive myself and the other person and I try to do it as soon as I am aware of it. Forgiveness is a gift! It needs to be shared.

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  2. My gifts? Yesterday, in the weekly meditation I do, I took everyone on a journey through a beautiful garden in which among other things was a garden shed with on the door the words: TALENT BANK. inside the shed was a Treasure Chest with the words GIFTS on it. Inside the chest were the gifts and talents of the visitor Each of us are richly endowed with talents and gifts. We had a lovely discussion about this afterwards… ! I am highly creative and I recognise creativity in others.

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    1. Wow, way to go, Anne! I love the meditation that you did — the names you included “Talent Bank” and a “Gifts” Treasure Chest are priceless. Your talent of creativity is so evident, and I celebrate you Anne. ❤ ❤ Thank you for sharing your unique gifts. I love you. Blessings, Debbie


    1. I so hear you, Lacey! And yet it’s so important to acknowledge ourselves, isn’t it? ❤ Go for it, I see you stepping forward and honoring the many gifts and talents you are blessed with. Have a great weekend, my friend. Debbie

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  3. I think one of my unique talents is genuine openness and acceptance. I want everyone to feel comfortable being who they are with me. I’m a firm believer that as long as you are doing something criminal…you should feel free to be who you are and I hope that I not only show my acceptance, but that I encourage people to express who they are with me.

    Loyalty would be another one. Some might say I’m loyal to fault, but I’m ok with that kind of criticism.

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  4. Debbie this is lovely. For me I see my gifts as acceptance, compassion and being able to put myself in others shoes. I think that when we have empathy forgiveness is the next natural progression. I’ve always considered myself a good listener.

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    1. YES, I can completely see these talents and gifts in you, Miriam. It is so evident in your blog. And it is my experience when I read your comments on my posts. Thank you for your presence.
      Empathy …. and all of these qualities … are such expressions of loving. Bless you, Miriam! 🙂 Debbie

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  5. I think I’m a good listener and encourager Debbie.. encouraging myself and others to reveal our ‘inner brilliance’… This is such a lovely post – making us actually think about what our unique talents are and acknowledge them to ourselves.. Thank you! x

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  6. Hello Debbie
    I see and hear the passion in your voice from your video… a beautiful message and one I’ve been working on for quite a long time. Finally, I think I’ve found my gifts and a place to offer them- through words and photographs. The gifts of kindness, welcoming and encouragement are my biggest passions and I like to think they show. Thank you for a lovely post and may you be blessed to continue your message of love 💐💜

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    1. Oh Di, thank you! I am so touched by your comments, and I’m glad that the video touched you. May you be blessed on your expression of love, welcoming, encouragement, and kindness. What beautiful qualities. I’m going to follow your blog — and you are so welcome at Forgiving Connects ❤ . Many, many blessings. Debbie

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      1. You sound so beautiful and loving Debbie. I felt safe and welcomed from your wonderful comment on my first post. And thank you so much for the follow back… It means a lot. Thank you again kind lady 😘🌟💜

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