Today’s Forgiving Journal: Expressing my talents and gifts <3

Today’s forgiving journal is expressing my talents and gifts.

I have spent so many years pushing down my own voice.  No wonder I have been scared to express myself, if I am not being my own best friend with it!  My mom had the talent of playing piano, and I watched her get sick with mental illness.  That is not going to happen for me. (and if it did, that would be ok!)

Time for forgiveness:

1) Self-forgiveness: I forgive myself for judging myself for being my mom’s daughter. I forgive myself for judging mental illness as wrong.

2) Letting go: I let go of these judgments into the Light so that I may step free.  I breathe, I relax.

3) Gratitude:  I am so grateful to show up in myself to look at my gifts and what I put in the way of expressing them. (I’m crying now)  I am grateful for the blessing of hearing my mom’s piano playing – it took me into the heart of love. Thank you, Mom.


The truth is, I also have the gift of expressing love – in fact, I am a mirror of love for other people, and I am love. (still working on knowing that one)

St. Francis has a great quote, “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” We are all sunbeams for those we touch.


I love you.

Love, Debbie

ps – this is my contribution for Dutch Goes the Photo’s Weekly Challenge, mirror.  Thank you again, Frank.  What a gift to own my talents.  Lots of appreciation to you!

42 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Journal: Expressing my talents and gifts <3

  1. You’re so good at writing your feelings down (I think that is what you’re doing right?) I always feel every word you write like you’re sitting next to me and you’re telling it straight to me. It’s just so weird, your words touch me everytime. They make me think of myself and my own life and how I would think about it if I were you. It’s always beautiful to read your blog, Debbie. Wish you a wonderful week, love.

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    1. Anne this is such a blessing, to know that forgiveness is touching you in your life.
      The key for my blog is that I tune into my heart and write what’s present for my self-healing. I sense that my expression can sometimes assist others and give that over to Spirit. (Spirit is my senior partner in Forgiving Connects!)
      Many blessings to you, Anne. Have a wonderful week as well. 🙂 🙂 Debbie

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      1. Have a wonderful time with your daughter Rhonda! 🙂 I was in a spiritual retreat this weekend, and then this Tuesday we have a ‘Putting Love First’ seminar at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. Have a wonderful week, my friend xo


  2. I hope that one day in my life I reach point where I’d be as happy and as brave as you Debbie ❤️ Love this beautiful post and the dooodled thought on the picture. ☺️✨

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