Today’s Forgiving Journal: An Invitation to Love

Hi everyone,

After I did my last blog post on not having to be perfect, I did this video.  I asked how you invite in love, know yourself as love, etc.

Boy, is this video working me!!  Subsequent to filming it, I ended a relationship and got into an argument with my friend.  I’m aware that there are no mistakes.  How can I invite in love?

First and foremost is forgiveness.

I forgive myself for judging myself as wrong and a bad person, and for reacting emotionally. I let all of this go, and I come into acceptance. Acceptance of myself, of my friend, of my past relationship, of my life. I am grateful for the gifts this video is bringing at my invitation.

I’d love to know more about your experience.  Let’s learn with each other on this grand adventure of loving and forgiveness.  This is such a safe space to connect, to care.

Please feel free to share.  ❤

You can comment below, visit my contact page, or email me at

Have a wonderful day!  I love you ~Debbie


23 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Journal: An Invitation to Love

  1. Loved this video! I don’t know if I understand everything the way you mean it (my English isn’t great) but how I love? And how I invite love? How I love myself? These are such hard questions I never thought of! I’m thinking for a couple of minutes now, how to answer these questions but it’s so hard! I really like being loved and I always try to be nice and open to everyone so I can get love from them. Isn’t it lovely to be loved by someone? It’s just good to know that my parents and other family love me, so I will always have them if I don’t have anybody else. I always try to love others the way they are, but that can be so hard sometimes. I always count to 10 when someone (a familymember or friend) annoys me, so I don’t get in an argument and remember why I love them. I think everybody loves to feel love! I try super hard to love myself but that is work in progress, it’s getting better everyday! – I hope I answered your questions right (eventhough I’m just a beginner with love). Have a lovely week! Love, Anne ♥

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    1. Oh, Anne, this is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I learned a lot. There’s a situation yesterday where I could have used your tip of counting to 10 🙂 The things you’re sharing about loving and wanting love really opened my heart. To me, you are a beginner only in age, your love is endless.
      Feel free to stop by anytime, I am so glad to have you here. Blessings!! ~Debbie

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      1. I hope it will help you again if you have another situation. It really helps for me. Sometimes I have to count to 100 but I will feel a little more relieved after that! Thank you for your kind words, I will stop by a lot more in the future! 🙂

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    1. That is very smart, Lacey! I love it. Funny, I’ve been working on the same thing. I’m pretty good now at being aware of when I’m talking down to myself – doing my best to turn it around, and to forgive. 🙂 Lots of loving ~Debbie

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  2. How do I invite love? By being so fully in my own loving that I do not need to seek for loving outside of myself. I sort of attract it to me. For me, being open and vulnerable (able to be blessed) is key. And to regain my sense of humour. To have a good laugh.

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    1. Ooh, Anne, I love all of these – how wise. I really learned a lot. As I’m writing, I just became aware of another way I invite in love, and that is to breathe….and to be open to being breathed. Love you, my friend xo ~Debbie

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