Today’s forgiving journal: Dreaming in full color!

Today’s forgiving journal is about dreaming in full color!

I just got back from a week-long spiritual retreat.  At the retreat, I took the time to look inside my heart, love the parts of me that needed it, and let go of old patterns.  (Cool).

Now, I’m back in LA and set up in my new digs.  So the question is: What’s next?

It’s time for me to step into what I truly want, that much I know.  What I also know is that the old way that I lived my life is just that – old.  I am, in this journal, opening to what I truly want.  I am awakening to my heart in this blog  …. one post at a time.

I’m scared.  That’s ok.  Time for forgiving:

1 – Self-forgiveness: I forgive myself for judging myself for falling into a whole bunch of old patterns that no longer serve me.  I forgive myself for judging that I need all the things that were once in my life to be happy and fulfilled.

2 – Letting go: I let go of all this judgment into the Light, so that I may know more of my heart’s prayers for me now.  And to act accordingly.

3 – Gratitude: I am grateful for my courage to face the truth of what no longer works.  I am grateful to this blog for the space to say right now: I complete those things that are not for me any longer.  I am grateful for the immense support of my friends on my path of forgiving and self-discovery.


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My friend Veronique gave me a journal that says “She Dreams in Full Color”.  It is for me to write, to play, and to envision in a whole bunch of love.  My intention is to give myself full permission to listen deeply within my Soul, play with my dreams for my life, and go for it.

I love you.



19 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Dreaming in full color!

    1. Oh thank you Nikki! Sometimes I can try to rush the calm moments, and they can be so powerful. ❤ I really am yearning for the inner attunement, the play, the checking things out, the quiet. Thanks for your cheerleading, my friend. Merry Christmas Nikki!


  1. I dream in colors! I shared that with one person, he didn’t believe that. But I had that awareness long time ago, so when I woke up from a dream in color, I paused and tried to remember what it was before I got up and went about to do business. But I do understand the inference of dream in full color.
    A new year, a new place, a new heart, a whole new YOU! What a great blessing!

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    1. Thank you, Rhonda. You know, I’m a minister in my spiritual path, and the first line of my blessing has to do with joy. And the last line is something like how I can step with confidence. You intuited it! Blessings and hugs, my friend xo


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