Today’s forgiving journal: Doing a little dance

Today’s forgiving journal is about doing a little dance.

I just did a dance in front of my bathroom mirror to the song, “Do a little dance … get down tonight!” (or something like that)

The reason I did this is because I was doing my best to move the energy in my body.

I keep trying to write the next sentence, and nothing seems to fit what happened today.

Suffice it to say that I let go of old, old memories …. both via giving away furniture and giving away grief.  This grief was with me since I was a kid, and I had made a decision that I wasn’t enough.  Don’t want to let this run me anymore.

freedom_quote_7 June 3 2016

What I want to say before I go into forgiveness is that I am committed to love.

Time for forgiving:

1 – I forgive myself for judging myself for buying into the belief that I am not enough.  And that grief means it is my fault.

2 – I let all of this go into the loving and I set myself free, with  lots of dancing 🙂

3 – I am grateful for how mountains move when I just commit to love and take action.


The world is a moving, and so am I.  What I know is that this is an opportunity for me to step into greater commitment to peace, to joy and to love – and to do my part.  Today, I did it with a dance.  We are all doing great.

I love you.  Sending you all so many blessings.



For more on forgiving when you need to let go: 

21 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Doing a little dance

  1. Debbie, it’s so funny that I was about to request that you dance and sing in a video, but then I clicked on it to make sure you hadn’t already. I’m so glad I watched that clip. That brought me joy! Sometimes it’s that simple, right?

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    1. Good luck to you, Nikki! One of the experiences I loved from my NY apartment is that I would put on “Happy Dance” and just dance around the apartment. 🙂
      Sending blessings your way, my friend. Gratitude for you on my blog.


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