Today’s forgiving journal: Stepping it up a notch

Today’s forgiving journal is about stepping it up a notch.

With both the recent election and my upcoming move to Los Angeles, I’ve been tuning inwardly and allowing a deep space to see what’s next for me with forgiving.  What I came to is a question:

How can I step it up a notch?  i.e., How can I forgive in deeper ways …. How can I walk my talk more expansively?

Where I am with that right now is this:

1 – to take care of myself and eat and rest to support my natural rhythm

2 – to accept and love myself and EVERYONE – no exceptions!

3 – to be a walking blessing…. by seeing us all united as one family and acting like it, doing my best to uplift and scatter joy wherever I go.

Time for forgiving:

1 – Self-forgiveness: I forgive myself for judging myself as separate from everyone else.  I forgive myself for judging any and all ways I judge myself and others.  I forgive myself for judging myself for taking the time to go inside and reflect.

2 – Letting Go: I let all this go into the Light and give it over so that I may go free, so that I may accept and forgive and love and take care of myself so I can help take care of others.

3 – Gratitude: I am grateful for the blessings that come with surrender and deep questioning what I am doing here, and how can I serve.  And I am grateful for the ordinary joys of connecting with myself and you.  Thank you.


The next few days are likely to be busy for me, as I continue to prepare for my move to LA
next week.  I plan to blog each day until my move  — a week of forgiving, letting go, and gratitude to light my path.  I will do my best and send each of you so much love and my very best wishes.

I love you.



ps – here’s a little more Hafiz for you …. I was saving this one for the perfect moment.



19 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Stepping it up a notch

  1. Very inspiring Debbie. Thank you! The United Kingdom and United States voted for change. True change starts within ourselves. I am united in change, – stepping up my self-caring towards the better, for myself and my world.

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