Today’s forgiving journal: Paving the path with LOVE!

Today’s forgiving journal is about paving the path with LOVE.

I’m looking at some major changes in my life.  The biggest one I’m aware of right now is changing where I’m living.

I’m excited and so aware how on track this is for me.  And I’m also struggling a bit.  That’s what I want to mention here, in my safe space for forgiveness.

One of the things I’ve worked on so much is to know that I am home inside of me, that my heart is the location of home (no matter where I am or what choices I make).  I watch myself go in and out of being aware of this, especially in regards to judging myself and not always taking care of myself.

What I want to say right now is that I invite the little girl in me – or any other part that needs love – to communicate with me, so that I know what she needs to experience home as I go through my day-to-day life.

Time for forgiving:

1 – Self-forgiveness: I forgive myself for judging myself for allowing my worry about the “big” choices to help me avoid taking care of myself in my moment-by-moment ones.  I forgive myself for judging myself as unworthy of home. I forget that home is inside of me sometimes, and I forgive that as well.

2 – Letting Go:  I am smiling now … as a way to let this go into the loving presence that is always with me. God, I am so grateful for this.

3 – Gratitude: Thank you for this next opportunity to get solid in the home of my heart.  Thank you for the fun of learning more how to care for myself on a daily basis, and to love myself in this next adventure!  I am grateful also for learning how to forgive and forget.


I took a photo of me with two possible paths behind me.  (I’m participating in a photo challenge this week from Dutch Goes the Photo, and the focus is “paths” – how perfect is that?! 🙂 )   The smile is me having a good time no matter which path I take with the next location of my home, and I have a clear intention to know – without a shadow of a doubt – that I am home in my own self-loving as I walk every step of the way.

I love you.



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27 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Paving the path with LOVE!

  1. You are such a beautiful individual, Debbie. Your words touch so many so profoundly! Thank you for sharing this journey ❤ Also, I love your picture for submission- truly a wonderful metaphor.


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  2. I never thought about having a home inside me, but that makes a lot of sense. Debbie, I wish you peace and love as you make some important decisions in your life.

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  3. A beautiful post Debbie and I was so happy to read that you have reached that place to know that home is always inside of you. I love the image with you smiling in front of either path. When you are in alignment with your own truth you will always be at home within yourself, the most important home for your soul in this lifetime. Thank you so much for sharing and blessings to you 💗

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  4. I am thrilled to read 2 things from you, because both are significant ways I think and practice! And of course loved the entire post 🙂
    I consider my body my first home, so no matter where I am, I simply check in if I am at ease in my own skin …home.
    And whenever I perceive conflict, unease …and sometimes suffering, I gently pat the little girl in me, loving and caring for her, in ways that she would have always liked to receive …

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  5. Aww Debbie , life is a journey with big steps, middle steps,baby steps…with the feet facing forward thats the direction we go…we go forward and raech new levels if personal freedom …awww how lovely.. sooooo happy for you.

    Hugs bella

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