Today’s forgiving journal: Watching love

Today’s forgiving journal is about watching love.

Last night, I sat in on a residents’ meeting at a beautiful seminary in Los Angeles.  What I witnessed is people really caring about each other. It went in like it hadn’t before, or maybe I’m just more open to the love.

Because I wasn’t a resident, most of what I did during this meeting is just observe and send everyone Light and caring.  It was powerful to be quiet, to watch, and to observe what happened (both inside of me and in the meeting).

The key thing that I’m aware of is how much I go to my own agenda.  As I watched, I wanted to tell them how to do things, and then I caught myself.  And what came out of the group was (a) people giving to one another; (b) people putting their arms around each other; and (c) people laughing and supporting each other.  It made me yearn for a greater experience of that closeness.

I was about to do forgiveness on my inability to be close and caring, and that is just not true.  I have – and am building – a strong capacity to be in intimate relationship.

What I really want to forgive is that I don’t feel like I deserve love.  Truly, deep down, there it is.  So:

I forgive myself for judging myself as unworthy of love.  I let this go into the Light so that I may step free, and I smile.  I am grateful to practice joy, to scatter joy and to watch joy.

This whole “watching” thing – without needing to “do” anything – is a powerful tool to bring forward my next level of forgiveness.  For this, I am full of thankfulness.

I love you.



For more on watching for forgiviness: ❤

27 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Watching love

  1. So wonderful! I’m really glad that you can see your root problem: feeling that you don’t deserve love. I think this is one of the reasons you are building your capacity to have a relationship. Be sure to bask in God’s unrestrained love 🙂

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    1. Lacey, you are so right. I knew that before, however this time, I experienced the blessing in a whole new way …. deeper, more full of acceptance and loving.
      Thank you for being here. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 Smiles your way.


  2. As a fellow nurturer I too sometimes want to step in and help, take over when necessary and show them how to do it. What a gift it is to ourselves to just sit back, love and watch the interactions. I love your four steps, great post!

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  3. Debbie another post to contemplate. Observung and implementing into our lives. A beautiful way to grow and fall in love with the beauty that is you… then you can love the world and give to the world and know when just to sit and observe… for sometimes you have to let people learn the hard way cause they wont want to hear it from you…

    Ahhh life one big learning one big habit one big observation

    Thanks for sharing good reminder. Step back and just be.

    Regards bella

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  4. Observing in silence and finding the lessons through reflection can be so enriching, and humbling. How often do I find myself in an awkward bind whenever I rush in and speak (react)! It’s great you had that experience, Debbie. And, at the risk of sounding trite – but I say this with love – you ARE worthy of love 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend ❤

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