Today’s forgiving journal: A blessing in Japan

Today’s forgiving journal is about a blessing in Japan.

I’m about to head off on a trip to Japan for over two weeks!  The trip comes at a perfect timing for me, as I’m about to leave my apt and look at what’s next for me.

I wish you all a beautiful, beautiful few weeks.

I’ll be with traveling with a spiritual group and bringing love and blessings to Japan and being together in family.

So grateful to be going.  So grateful for our blogging community.  So grateful for my commitment to forgiving.

I’m feeling a little scared and very, very open to the blessings of this trip.  My intention is to be a peacemaker, to connect with the wisdom of my heart, and to receive and give love.

I love you.



ps – I almost forgot to mention — I plan to take a break from being online so I won’t be blogging until around mid-October.  Have a wonderful few weeks!!!

31 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: A blessing in Japan

  1. Wow, Japan! Have a great time, Debbie 😀 And thanks for this beautiful line -> “very open to the blessings of this trip” ❤ See you soon.

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  2. What a great place to have a spiritual journey. Much Buddhist influence. I spent my initial formative years there, raised by a Japanese nanny. Spoke Japanese before English.


    Take lots of pics and share. Blessings upon you and yours.

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    1. Wow, RG! I didn’t know that you were in Japan. That’s wonderful … what a place of kindness and great spirituality. I went to a temple with 1001 faces of compassion.
      Thank you for the blessings, right back to you my friend.
      Love, Debbie


    1. Oh thank you Rhonda! You are a sweetheart.
      I am currently in LA and plan to start blogging soon. What a trip.
      I hope you are doing wonderfully!! Sending many blessings and joy your way. 🙂 and smiles too.


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