Today’s forgiving journal: A Creative Move 2!

Today’s forgiving journal is about a creative move again!

Frank Jansen (dutchgoesthephoto) does a wonderful Tuesday challenge, where he picks a theme and invites his followers to take a photo on the theme and blog about it.  #fpj-photo-challenge

This Tuesday’s theme is “Silhouette“.  The neat thing about this challenge is that it really made me pay attention to how light plays against darkness….which is sort of what I am learning to do better with forgiving!

Here are my two photos for the challenge.  Below each one, I give a little description of the awareness that the photo inspired in me on forgiving.

Image 1:

Silhouette1 for Frank May 19 2016

Notice the silhouettes of the flowers on the floor.  They create a depth to the surroundings that I may not have been aware of had it not been for this challenge.  Just like the man with his shopping cart, who’s wheeling away oblivious to the beauty right at his feet.  This reminds me that I can often be oblivious to the beauty so available to me when I’m judging. ❤

Image 2:

Silhouette2 for Frank May 19 2016

This is a silhouette of me!  Taking this photo helped me see a different vision of myself which I hardly ever notice  …. my silhouette.  It reminds me how forgiving too brings to my awareness the parts of myself that I’ve denied, or ignored, or somehow just didn’t pay attention to.

I’m so grateful to participate in this weekly challenge – it is giving me a whole new perspective on life and on forgiveness.  Thank you Frank!

I love you all! 🙂

Love, Debbie

13 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: A Creative Move 2!

  1. I love this, Debbie. How forgiving is opening up your creativity like this. It is opening up mine too in different ways.


  2. Forgiveness opens the doors to returning to the present moment. When I experience this, I can say a prayer of gratitude for the gift of life.

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