Today’s forgiving journal: A creative move!

Hi all,

OK I’m doing something a little different today for my forgiving journal.  I follow Jansen Photo, and Frank does a “Tuesday Photo Challenge”.  Today’s challenge was to take a photo with the color green, and I decided to do it!

What does this have to do with forgiving?  Well, what I am experiencing inside right now is a sense of expansiveness and loving just from expressing myself.  In other words, I’m in that place inside where I can forgive myself really easily – what a gift!  Thank you, Frank.

Photo #1 is of a dear friend at a spiritual event.  Notice there are TWO shades of green in this photo.  I was probably most nervous with this one b/c it was my first: (isn’t she beautiful?)

green for frank1 May 11 2016


Photo #2 is of my bathmat.  I got more bold and put my foot there so you could see the contrast of the green with the brown of my boot.  Cool, huh?:

green for frank2 May 11 2016

Photo #3 is my fav – my new partially green running shoes and new partially green running socks, right alongside two of my spiritual mentors. Puts together two things super important to me – spirituality & running!:

green for frank3 May 11 2016

That’s all for today!  What a lot of fun.  Blessings to all – I love you.

Love, Debbie




12 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: A creative move!

  1. I take this invitation up. I took a picture of my backyard sanctuary. It is a daily reminder of the grace bestowed upon me regarding my home, every time I look out the window. I will post it here when I figure out how to do so 🙂

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