Today’s forgiving journal: Dealing with uncertainty

Today’s forgiving journal is about dealing with uncertainty.
One of the biggest triggers for me (i.e., where I can really start judging!) is when things seem uncertain.
Today is an excellent example. I was going along fine, and then a few things happened where I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. A relationship seemed iffy, my home situation is not clear to me, and I had a few financial concerns emerge. What did I do?
Well, I first tried to create a false sense of safety. I actually noticed that I was doing this, which is a huge win for me! Then, I had worrisome thoughts that didn’t leave me alone. And now, I’m just feeling tense and overwhelmed. (It’s possible I did other things, these are the ones that are present right now!)
What is this an opportunity for???? Using my forgiving journal BIG TIME.
OK, here goes:
1 – Forgiving: I forgive myself for judging myself for feeling so tense about the future. I forgive myself for judging myself for thinking obsessive thoughts. I forgive myself for judging myself for worrying about things that don’t really matter.
2 – Letting Go: I just let all of of this judgment go into the Light! I remind myself that even if I didn’t get all the judging into forgiveness statements, they can release inside by grace.
3 – Gratitude: Wow, I am grateful for putting off my blog until right now. I am grateful for writing this blog when I needed it the most today. I am grateful for the safe space that forgiving creates within me.
Debbie dealing with uncertainty May 9 2016
That’s all for today. Here I am, just saying, “I love you!”
Debbie dealing with uncertainty 2 spa May 9 2016.jpg
ps: I’m going to do at least one thing tonight to really just love and nurture myself. Starting with a massage – my friend gave me a free gift!

17 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Dealing with uncertainty

  1. Great post! I always remind myself that acceptance is the first step, even for things that might be unwanted. It helps me reduce the energy spent on fighting that which I cannot affect in a positive manner.

    Be well,


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  2. The timing and subject are perfect. Today I found myself veering back and forth between feelings of hope and uncertainty, especially around career and finances. I had a big shock last week around my money so I am finding myself tempted to go back and replay the scenario and just how victimized I was. This is not something that supports me at all! I stop mid-thought and say NO to that thought and move on. I have come a long way in managing obsessive compulsive thinking and how it affects me, and yet, here’s an opportunity to practice forgiveness…

    1) I forgive myself for all the judgments I’ve heaped upon myself as a failure, as having screwed up my life, as undeserving of God’s love.
    2) the truth is I can NOT be undeserving, since God made all creation (including me) in Its likeness and only wants peace and joy for all. So I have the opportunity, right now, to feel it. Breathe….I release thoughts of loneliness, sadness and grief and feel the peace and happiness stream in. The natural state.
    3) Gratitude for the opportunity to post in this sacred blog. Thank you each and every one for witnessing my process tonight. I appreciate you all.


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    1. God, Daniel, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process…. this is such a safe space for that. I really love how you went about the letting go part – it’s a new way for me, and I learned a lot from it. So many blessings your way, and thanks for being here. ❤


    1. So true, Eric! Thanks, you made me smile. For some reason, you also reminded me of a quote that I love, “If you have the choice of the divine knowing or the divine unknowing, take the divine unknowing. As soon as you know, you have to take responsibility for all the actions.
      As soon as you don’t know, you still are open to receive of the grace of that.” ~John-Roger. Interesting huh? Blessings.

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  3. I really appreciate this post. I’ve been beating myself up lately for not living up to others expectations…even though they aren’t MY expectations. Thank so much for this! Enjoy your massage.

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