Today’s forgiving journal: The power of loving

Today’s forgiving blog is about the power of loving.

I had coffee with a very interesting man today, who asked me a lot about forgiveness.  He didn’t understand the value of it (which was really cool to me, because it helped me look at exactly why it’s so valuable to me!).

In the course of our conversation, he mentioned the only value he could see in doing forgiveness is based on an Oscar Wilde quote…. that the reason to do forgiveness is to piss off your enemies.

I started laughing!  This helped me to open my perspective that different people may have VERY different reasons to forgive. 🙂

Later on, I thought about it more.  I realized that the Oscar Wilde quote was truly profound, that by forgiving our enemy, they would no longer have power over us.  No wonder it may piss them off.

What a truly amazing place to be inside – where no one or no thing has power over us.  Where we are free inside to accept, to be at peace, and most of all, to love ourselves and others.  I am learning so much about this.

My spiritual teacher John-Roger talks of 9 spiritual blessings: health, wealth, happiness, abundance, prosperity, riches, loving, caring and sharing.  I sense that forgiving opens the door to each of these blessings, and I am committed to opening myself to receive.Oscar Wilde quote on Forgiveness

One way I did this today (in addition to sharing a lovely conversation with the Oscar Wilde aficianado) was during a race I ran today.  At one point, I kept repeating, “I am love.”  It slowed me down, probably because I’m still learning that it’s true.  I  still kept repeating it anyway, at least for a bit, even though I sacrificed a better race time.  That, my friends, is love.

So many blessings to us all.  I love you!



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