Today’s forgiving journal: Believing in myself

Today’s forgiveness blog is about believing in myself.
I went to the UN today for a meeting of spiritual folks. At first, as I was preparing, I was nervous, and then I checked Debbie UN Day April 2016the website. I saw that the group was focused on inner stillness as a way to send Light and blessings to the peace intentions of the UN.
I immediately calmed down, because I knew I could do that. The Light within me is strong, and I’ve practiced day after day attuning to this Light.
I realized, then, why would I ever be nervous? The truth is that everything I do can come from the Light, whether it be an inner or outer thing – so I never truly need to be nervous. All I need to do is tune inside, let go, and trust in God to show me the way.
I’m not sure that I fully trust in this action – in this letting go into God. I started writing something else in this space, and it all got confused. That to me is an indicator that I am still in process.
This is all ok with me. I am aware that attuning to the stillness, to the Light within me, is something that I practiced again and again, and now I’m comfortable with it – which is great news!
I now have an opportunity to express myself from that place inside, and all that goes with that, and I can practice that too.
A dear friend was telling me tonight about her husband and how it’s the first time that she felt unconditionally loved …. that she can be exactly who she is.
I am going to be the greatest partner for myself – in fact, I already am
doing it much of the time. I love myself unconditionally, and I can be exactly as I am. Somewhere in me I know that God is already doing this for me until I can do it for myself.
What a blessed day, thank you for being a part of it.
I love you!

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