Today’s forgiving journal: Saying no to being self-critical

Today’s forgiveness blog is on saying no to being self-critical.
Earlier tonight, I was talking to someone who I deeply care about. He was just barraging himself with his own words. At one point, I just stopped him and said, “Stop being so self-critical.” I kept repeating it and repeating it, like it was coming from a well of something inside of me that must express.
The funny thing is, I usually do my best to talk in the positive.
In this case, I just kept saying the phrase:
Stop being so self-critical.
What I am getting right now is that I was standing up to the part of me that is so self-critical, that no matter what I do, it is just not enough. That part inside so scared to trust.
A friend of mine wrote a song on forgiveness with a line that resonates clearly for me:
“Repeat offenders even to ourselves
What’s the Solution, how can we Heal?”
(From the song: What it Takes c All Rights Reserved | By: Rev. Dewi Maile Lim)
A part of me wants to cry out for being my own worst repeat offender, from again and again not trusting in myself, not believing in myself, not loving myself enough to forgive.
Well that stops here. I love you, Debbie Roth! I commit to practicing this as much as I need to in order to get it from every cell of my being. How cool is that?
One of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman, said:
“Learn how to be still, to really be still and let life happen… that stillness becomes a radiance.”
– Morgan Freeman
I’m learning how to be still, to let my love for myself radiate out and become a life of its own. That rhythm is filling me up to overflowing and leading me exactly where it Windermeresunrisewants to go.
God, I love this forgiveness work. And I love you!
Love and Light,

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