Today’s forgiving journal: New beginnings

Today’s forgiveness blog is about new beginnings.

A dear colleague of mine told me today to say “Next” in regards to completing an aspect of my life, to move on to what was next.

Another dear friend said that we never know what’s just around the corner.

This gives me great comfort, knowing that Spirit is truly taking care of me and all of us. Bringing me exactly what I need for my upliftment, learning and growth.

Right now, I am present to a deep need for comfort. I am giving that to myself, as an act of for-giving. Fascinating that forgiveness can take this form…. It doesn’t need to start with the phrase “I forgive myself”. It can simply be an act of great self-loving.

I have just started a “Forgiving Journal” blog on wordpress. What a way to do new beginnings. [When I wrote this, I was just posting these journal entries on Facebook!]

I’ll share more on this tomorrow. For tonight, I’m going to wrap myself in my spa fuzzy blanket. And just say, “I love you.” That is a blessing I am so grateful to give to myself.

God bless us all! I am sending my fuzzy blanket to you.




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