Today’s forgiving journal: Forgetting and moving forward

Today’s forgiveness blog is on forgetting and moving forward.

A dear friend and colleague shared with me this morning a 3 step method she uses to help her forgive:

  1. Forgiving
  2. Forgetting
  3. Moving forward

She found that this works for her, and a few things in particular stand out.  First is that forgiving itself may not be enough – it’s important to forget it too.  Otherwise, somewhere inside of our consciousness, we hold on to the judgment.

Second is that moving forward helps us keep a positive direction, so that we don’t get stuck in what was. When I practiced this step tonight, I said, “I’m moving forward into the blessings and the learning, knowing that the learning goes with me.”  It felt new and awkward inside of me, and that’s ok.

I’m going to try out this tool again tomorrow and see how it works for me to forgive more fully.

I’d love to hear your experiences if you check it out yourself, and also feel free to share methods that you use to forgive!

Good on all of us for, well, just for being open to new ways to forgiving.  Cool.



One thought on “Today’s forgiving journal: Forgetting and moving forward

  1. I really felt the power of “and knowing the learning goes with me.” I experienced myself moving forward and thank you for your sharing.


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