Today’s forgiving journal: Strength :)

Today’s forgiveness blog is about strength.

I had the privilege today of interviewing a fellow MSIA minister and friend. One of the things he shared was that strength is a common thread that runs through his ministry over the years. From what I heard, this means that no matter where he was or what he was doing, he tuned inside and went “all in” when he got the inner green light.

A key for me in that is he fully trusted in himself in his choice! He had confidence in what he heard inwardly and followed it.

I’m a minister. The last line of my ministerial blessing is “Take your steps with confidence, knowing that the Traveler is with you every step of the way.” Doing this has been a test for me over the years, as I have watched myself go back and forth between self-trust and self-doubt.

What I am getting now is that this path I am walking – these steps that I am taking – is helping me to build a strength inwardly that no one can take away.

I forgive myself for judging myself for all the times that I doubted myself for my choices, my actions, and my expression. I forgive myself for judging myself for all the times I was overly confident in my choices and didn’t listen to that still voice whispering something different.

I let all this go and choose to love me.

What I’m present to right now is the gratefulness I have for the learning about strength from all of us.  And boy sometimes it feels hard.  All is good.




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