Today’s journal: Releasing expectations

Today’s forgiveness blog is about releasing expectations.

God, relationship feels so chaotic sometimes. I can tell lots of stories about this, and I’d rather get to the essence.

I got a fortune cookie tonight that said something like, “Excessive standards just makes life more difficult.” And I was like, man even the Chinese food gods know that I am a screw up and expect too much of people! Then it occurred to me that really, truly, deep down and most of all, I am expecting too much of myself.

I expect myself to be perfect in relationship. I expect that I should know how to act and listen and be with other people all the time.

So I right now – on this day of Easter – give up my expectations of myself and others and start renewed. I forgive myself for judging myself for not understanding how to act and be in a loving relationship sometimes. I forgive myself for judging others for not being what I think they should be.

I’d like to say something else, and that is this: I am willing to learn how to love myself and others better.

Thanks for being with me on this journey. God bless us all.

Love, Debbie


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