Today’s journal: Go with the flow!

Today’s Forgiveness Blog: Go with the flow!

I forgive myself for judging myself for taking life too seriously. 🙂

I really allowed something to affect me deeply, so much so that I had trouble getting beyond it. And boy was I judging myself. I did my best to forgive myself, and I called a friend who really helped.

Then I realized, “Wait a minute! I can just have a little fun.” So I went into the hot tub tonight with my awesome cousin and her husband. (Did I mention they’re in New Hampshire and their hot tub is outside?!) That is forgiveness, right? Just having a little fun.

I forgive myself for judging myself for losing track of the fun. And of my love for myself too.

Thank God for good friends, family, and hot tubs! And to my going with the flow best I can.

I love you. Love, Debbie

ps – I just read a beautiful quote from J-R (see below). I’m here to learn and by God I’d like to do it with some fun, gentleness & ease and great love.


“What is there to learn? Everything.

And, if that seems a little overwhelming, how about learning not only to do the best you can, but, each day, to let your best be just a little better?”

– John-Roger, D.S.S.



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