Today’s forgiving blog: Letting go

Today’s forgiveness blog is on letting go.

I realized today just how much I want to hold onto things, situations, people, emotions, etc.  I wonder why?  Is it that I’m scared how I will feel when I don’t have something I’m comfortable with/used to/wanting?  I do know that I get really sad when something or someone leaves my life that I’m attached to.  It feels like a loss that is too big for me to handle.

Sigh.  This feels really young, I’m so in touch with a sad little girl who aches for some thing she lost that she loved deeply.  And that she never really let go again until recently.

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I ask for a gift from God to be ok with loss and to know that it’s ok to love fully, deeply, intimately.  I am learning a lot about this, and right now that is enough.

One thing that I do know is that I love my spiritual teachers, John-Roger and John Morton.  I am courageous in how I let go and give my heart to them.    I couldn’t do it with them if I’m not also doing it with me.  That is very cool.   I forgive myself for judging all the ways and times that I don’t let go, that I don’t love, that I withdraw or turn away from myself and from God.

Thank you everyone for reading and participating with this blog.  I love you!  Any comments are greatly blessed and welcome.



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