Today’s forgiving journal: Asking the right questions

Today’s forgiveness blog is on asking the right questions.

When I say “right”, I don’t mean right v. wrong.  I mean asking the kind of question that will help me open my heart to compassion, to caring, and to keeping my focus ruthlessly on the loving.  The right question can be a powerful tool to focusing my attention on this!

The question that I decided to ask myself at least once each day is “How can I be more loving right now?”  What a simple way to tune into my wisdom and treat myself as the Beloved child of God that I am.  Yes.

I also am aware that I can put all the judgments I’ve ever held into a big Light pot and give it all over and just forgive it all.  Today, that is my answer to my right question.

I love you all!  I wish you a wonderful weekend of forgiveness and grace.

Thank you so much.



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