Today’s forgiving journal: Letting God

Today’s forgiveness blog is about letting God.

Yesterday, I wrote about “letting go”.  I have a spiritual teacher who uses the phrase “Letting go and letting God.”  Boy, this rings true for me.  If I let go of what no longer serves… or of dreams that I want to create and not sure how to get there …. etc, etc, etc, then what’s the next step?  It’s letting God.

Today, this process looked like simple actions to come present, be patient, and take super good care of myself.  I had an amazing brunch with my friend, where we started talking about our plans for the future.  All of a sudden, I became so aware of just being grateful for being there with her, in the sunshine, eating a great meal (and drinking tasty coffee!), and having just finished a workout.  That’s letting God – being shown the blessings right here and now and at the same time, trusting God to handle our heartfelt prayers with great care.

What a winning combination!

Today is my birthday, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than to let God have it all.  To let God show me what’s next.  To let God bring me the power of compassion, of gentleness, and of confidence in the gift that I am to this world.  To let God help me know love, forgiving.

I love you all!  May you be blessed and gifted on this awesome day!!!!



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