A Personal Sharing for Forgiving Fridays – and a Forgiveness Gathering


Hi everyone and happy Forgiving Fridays!!

I was keeping positive with all the changes until yesterday, when I really tanked. I felt lonely and isolated. I just kept working and working, instead of taking breaks like I know to do. I got wired out on caffeine and low blood sugar because I put off eating. And, I felt so separate––I couldn’t see the “larger” picture, or the real truth about me and my own strength and resilience.

It sucked. Truly I thought I couldn’t handle it one more minute. Then, I paused and slowed down with myself, and I accepted where I was at. I gave myself a hug and ate something. I dumped my tea down the sink (bummer and it was necessary!). And, I called a friend and got support. Took a walk with myself, and I breathed.

And today, here I am ready to go. I’m doing laundry and eating regularly. I went out for a run and asked a friend to listen. I’m serving clients in my coaching practice. Later, I’ll sit down with my finances and get information on how I’m doing. And look at creative ways to take care of myself (and others!) — and use this time to the fullest.

Most importantly, I’m going to pause right now to forgive. I forgive myself for judging myself for buying into the belief that I am my thoughts and feelings. I forgive myself for judging myself for forgetting that this corona virus is bringing me a huge gift. It is helping me to remember that I am bigger than anything that’s happening.

If you relate to any of what I’m saying, I encourage you to take a pause and forgive. To really be with yourself and love yourself today and in the days ahead.

Give yourself space to accept all you’re experiencing and remember that you are more than all of it.  Who you are is so much bigger than anything that is happening.  Use the following steps of Self-forgiveness to help you, and breathe in the peace of this. And smile. 🙂

  1. In the morning, state an intention to accept what is, both inside (like thoughts and feelings) and outside (like what you do or don’t do with the area you’ve decided to expand). You might say, “I intend to accept myself and all of my experiences today.” Or “I intend to accept how I feel about myself and everything that happens in the world and all involved!
  2. During the day, watch yourself and what you choose to do and not do. Notice how you think, and what your feelings are.  Write down at least 2 – 3 things that you’re not accepting––it could be something to do with how you feel blocked, or the way you did something, or what you said to yourself afterward.  Or, it could have to do with someone else who upset or bothered you.
  3. Once you’ve done #2, say,

I am accepting XX.”

          XX are those things that you had trouble accepting today.  Trust what comes up.  And, if you notice that you REALLY don’t want to accept something, say:

I accept that I am not accepting what is with XX.” 

Then breathe, put your hand on your heart, and say

I accept myself exactly as I am.” 🙂

  1. At the end of the day, notice your learning with exactly what you did and didn’t do, and how it was for you to try out acceptance. Write your awareness down to ground it inside of you (e.g., in your journal or phone, etc).  Then read the following quote, and be with yourself in silence for a few moments.  Relax and let go of the day.


rumi doors will open


To help you practice this, I'm offering a Zoom “Forgiving Circle” next Sun March 29 @ 1pm PT. It will be an hour circle to slow down with any upsets you have about the current situation and what that’s bringing forward––and to love and accept yourself as a way to let go.


Debbie Roth forgiving circle 2

It is a profound act to simply pause, accept, be aware, and be willing to love. This is a complimentary event, and I’m planning to offer it periodically over the next few months.

You can register here: https://forgivingcircle.eventbrite.com/

Comment below if you have questions, or simply to say hi and share how you are doing.

I love you all and send you so many blessings at this time.

With loving,


ps: One of the steps in the 21 Days of Forgiveness group I did recently is “Open to Love”.  So, as you try out each of the steps above, how about asking yourself, “How can I open to love as I do this?”  Be in the exploration, and have fun.



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5 thoughts on “A Personal Sharing for Forgiving Fridays – and a Forgiveness Gathering

  1. I’ve been more tearful lately, more so than when I was diagnosed with cancer (now recovered, thankfully!), my partner says it’s because this virus is affecting the world and not just myself…your soothing tips will go a long way to helping people settle…these are indeed, trying and very interesting times…I’m glad you found your centre and bounced back, Debbie! As for myself, peaceful walks in the forest, quiet spaces, a thermos of chai tea and an inspirational book have helped me!
    Take good care and be well…


  2. I’m sorry you were feeling so low and awful. It’s not surprising with how overwhelming the current situation is either, and I imagine the mental health of many will take a hit with the current uncertainty, fear and worry, not to mention the practical concerns when facing lockdown. Acceptance of how you feel and of your experiences is a powerful thing, and telling yourself that each day could help in strengthening resolve and seeing just how stable and awesome you really are underneath. Stay safe & as well as possible lovely.
    Caz xx


  3. Stay well, Debbie. I’m going mental after having to self-isolate due to my having Asthma. We had a forest at the back of my house that I’ve resorted to taking a walk as much as I can just to keep my sanity. You can do this Debbie!!


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