Today’s Forgiving Fridays: A Poem on Gratitude to Finish Jan 2020! :)


Hi everyone!

Happy #ForgivingFridays––can you believe it’s the last one for Jan 2020??

For today, I have a poem.  It comes from my own process with “21 Days of Forgiveness”. Here’s a little backstory on it:

This past Saturday, I launched a “21 Days of Forgiveness” group with 20 participants.  Each one has a project they are taking action on, PLUS I email them a simple step to forgive with exercises––on topics as Awareness, Ownership, and Gratitude.

For Gratitude, in the evening, each participant writes a bit––after a day of being grateful for all they’re doing with their projects, and more importantly, for ALL they are. They could express more gratitude, or do free kind of writing to explore what gratitude opens up for them with their projects. 

Such inspiration can occur when we focus on gratefulness––and what if a great key came forward to expand, to forgive, and to grow in ways they couldn’t even imagine? So cool!

When I sat down with this exercise, this poem emerged.  To me, it is an expression of my love for myself, which––you got it––is MY project for this first part of the 21 Days group.  I’m thinking of entitling it “Surrendering to Love”.

I love you.  On this Forgiving Fridays, I send each of you a big hug of gratitude!!  And here is my poem plus a Rumi quote on gratitude, if you’d like to read it and connect to what focusing on thankfulness opened inside of me.

Love, Debbie 🙂


My Poem on Gratitude:


standing on her own two

FEET, in caps because that is what

helps me to pay attention

to the loving, to the gratitude,

and the grace that comes

with saying, simple words of caring,

Thank You.

Thank You.  And one more time,

Because all good things come in threes.

Thank you.

The only thing left

to say

Is not of words,

It is of the beating,

heartbeat, of the rhythm of flowing rain that says,

I am always

With You.

~D Roth, Beloved Rose of God


Quote by Rumi (and my new cat Malakai sending love to you! Boy does that little guy open me to thankfulness. By the way, Malakai means “my angel” in the spiritual texts!! So true <3):


**This post is my contribution to Dutch Goes the Photo’s challenge of the week, Cats! Frank, Malakai is a cat that I adopted from the Animal Shelter––he is helping to bless my new Santa Monica home with love, especially since I’ve ended things with my partner, David.  He really is an angel.**




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16 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Fridays: A Poem on Gratitude to Finish Jan 2020! :)

    1. Yes, he does! I got him from the West LA Animal Shelter, TrE. I thought I was going to foster kitties, and offer them a safe and loving home for a bit. He was the first one, and I fell hard. ❤ Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings to you! ~Debbie

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  1. I think I needed to be thankful and read this today. Today I am feeling a lot of [stuff], none of which is making me feel at all grateful. I must concentrate harder. Your cat Malakai is wonderful.

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    1. Oh, Barbara, I really hear you. Thank you for your comment, and sharing honestly where you are. ❤ In my experience, that is a key to shifting into a positive direction…and for healing too. Lovely to connect, and so glad you're here! Blessings, Debbie

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    1. Kimberlee!! It is so good to see you on my blog, thanks for visiting. Happy New Year to you, welcome back to WordPress, and know that I’m sending a big blessing of love your way! ❤ ❤
      os 0 I'll come by your blog in a few minutes….and feel free to email me with how you are, if you are called to. (

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