It’s Money Mondays! Today’s Topic is Observing Success in your Limiting Beliefs :)


Hi everybody!

I’m offering a 3-month group starting in May called “Self-Forgiveness and Money”. We’ll be slowing down to create a financial project that is meaningful for you—and handling what gets in the way through fun, interactive practices like forgiveness.

As part of the class, we’ll explore limiting beliefs about money and how they are a golden opportunity for you to get free.  One of the exercises we’ll be doing is on observation (such a key to letting go).  So, let’s play with that today!  Here are a few questions for you:

What is a pattern that you’d really like to change right now, e.g., comparisons, negative self-talk, spending more than you have, etc.? 

When you’re doing this, what is going on around you?  Notice what’s actually happening (rather than what you know or don’t know about it). 

Pause and be still.  Ask for inner guidance on what message this block has for you.  What do you hear?  

I encourage you to sit with yourself this week and journal your responses to the questions above. And if you’re curious, contact me and we can explore the gift in your limiting story—and what happens when you love the block instead of try to get rid of it!  (It is totally fine if we talk and you don’t do the group. This conversation is entirely in service to YOU.)

To set up a time to talk, email me at or simply comment below.

Here’s more on what I learned personally…..


This morning, I was thinking about how much I compare myself to others and wondering how it relates to my own limiting money story.

I’m in a coaching intensive, and boy do I compare myself to other people.  They are doing amazing work, and I feel “less than” and that I don’t bring enough value to the group.

Where does this block come from?

To explore this today, I did some journaling and observed what was present for me.
When I did this, I went back in time!  I became transported back into the cafeteria in 6th grade, eating my brown bag lunch and feeling left out. I wanted to be liked by a group of popular kids, who seemed confident and together. I didn’t think I was enough, and I felt separate and alone.

And there’s more….

At one point during the year, my teacher said to me and a few of those kids, “Cream rises to the top”. He was referring to our being smart and that we outshone the other kids.  I felt special and wanted to keep that feeling, because God I felt so unlikable and rich people felt so far away from me.

Well, if I just kept being “smart” then maybe I would fit in. Maybe the brown bag lunch wouldn’t matter. Maybe they wouldn’t notice the stupid things about me. So, that’s what I did.

I put so much pressure on myself to be booksmart. For the sake of getting the approval of my teacher, and these kids.

I did this for so many years, and I pushed down my natural creativity and gifts, so that I could be liked.

I was surprised at this memory that came up.  All from observing a pattern of comparing and slowing down to ask “Why is this so?”

As I journaled today, I asked that part of me, how can I be more creative?  (It’s so much better to learn from and LOVE this part rather than try to push it away.)

What I heard is that I can reach into that brown bag and pull out the creativity that’s there.  I can be more spontaneous and fun with my expression, and allow love to speak.

This week, I plan to observe when I am in this pattern of comparing and  pay attention to what was happening at the time.  And to reach into that brown bag in my head and see what gift reveals itself to me!

Here’s a short video I made this morning with more on how to observe yourself this week—it includes 4 simple steps.


Click here to watch the video – and join in if you like:



I’d like to end with a beautiful quote by Rumi – it inspired today’s post:

Wow A Big Decision Debbie July 21 2017



“If joy could talk, this is what she would say. It was love that gave birth to me.”







Have a wonderful week!

Love, Debbie

**This is my contribution for Trent’s Weekly Smile  – thank you Trent!**


If you have a financial project that you want to work on, or if you’d like more tips on working with limiting beliefs, I invite you to reach out to me.  We can talk about what you want and explore keys to help you get free!

Email me at or click on the graphic below:

Find the Blessings in Money Intro

8 thoughts on “It’s Money Mondays! Today’s Topic is Observing Success in your Limiting Beliefs :)

    1. Pragalbha, thank you! It came directly out of my experience working the limiting beliefs that block me from opening to the abundant blessings. This work on Self-forgiveness is so powerful, isn’t it?!

      Bless you. So glad that you’re here on my blog.

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  1. We all at some point of time tend to compare ourselves with someone whom we think is doing better than us. Thanks for throwing light on this topic. Great post. Keep Glittering, from TGA by Misha 😂😂👍😊

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