Today’s Forgiving Fridays is: Creativity to Help Us Forgive!

Happy #ForgivingFridays everyone! Yay!

This is a creative prompt for you to write a post on letting go and forgiving, or what happens when you do that.  You can do your post ANY DAY this week!

It can be anything that inspires YOU to choose love – or it can even be something you’d LIKE to let go of.  For this week, how about experimenting with creativity, e.g.: share a poem or photo, sing a song, or write a short story. 🙂 Go for it!!

I wrote a poem today in honor of #ForgivingFridays, to help me get out my own concerns about needing to “be perfect” before I share forgiveness, and to hold my own hand in the largeness of my Self-love. 

To share it, I did an audio podcast for you – I had so much fun! It’s called “Being My Own Best Friend”:  Click here to listen.

Here’s a little background for why I use creativity to help me forgive:

When I traveled to Austin for work, we did a really fun community gathering.  Each person (if they wanted to) got up to do a “contribution” creatively — this could be singing, or reading a poem, or telling a fun story.  One of my dear friends got up to sing, and she froze.

She almost sat down.  Then I ran up and held her hand.  And she smiled, and one of the kids of a parent in the gathering ALSO got up to hold her other hand.  So guess what she did?


Austin Sat Community Celebration Debbie Thelene Lily Aug 19 2018

And she was beaming.  And I cried, and I think that the young woman was touched in her own way.  THIS is the power of daring to share your heart. 

This act of singing brought up a fear for my friend.  And she moved through it with love. 

Creativity is such a powerful way to forgive and expand into expressing who I truly am —- peace, loving, joy.  When I write poetry, or play the piano, or write this blog, it opens me to a deep silent place inside where I have a knowing of my heart, my essence.  And sometimes, this can stir up a place inside where judgments lie:

Am I good enough?  Do I look stupid?  Will people laugh at me?  Is my voice important?

The simple act of daring to sing anyway, to write anyway, releases the judgment in the doing of it.  It’s a way to say, “I forgive.”  To shout it from the rooftops, or whisper it in a still voice, or let out words that have been hiding.  It’s all a manifestation of love.

I invite each of you today to embrace your own inner poet, musician, writer, photographer — and to try forgiving a whole new way.  And when you do this, ask yourself, “How can I be my own best friend?” <3.  

For me today, as I am writing this blog and sharing my poetry with you, I am cheering myself on. My heart is open, and I love myself a lot.

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I love you!



**This post is my contribution by Trent’s The Weekly Smile (so fun!), Sue Vincent’s Thursday #writephoto Shadows and Frank’s Trio.**

#FORGIVINGFRIDAYS POSTS FOR THIS WEEK (and some from last week too!)

Etta of Simply Etta D. shared really fun and heart-warming tips on focusing on the good things in life. So important to hold a positive focus – miracles happen!

DeB of Roaming Urban Gypsy contributed a great photo collage of fall foliage at a park in Brooklyn. What a beautiful depiction of the peace and soothing forgiveness found in nature.  So creative!

Frank of Poetry, Short Prose and Walking wrote a poem on the gentle act of forgiveness that helps us stand in the fullness and beauty of who we truly are.  Includes an audio reading!

Ali of Flashlight Batteries contributed a poem on letting go of blame and opening to a fresh start.  It’s beautiful and a stand for kindness and empathy. Thank you Ali!

Pragalbha of Infinite Living gave a wonderful encouragement for each of us to choose love, forgiveness and acceptance  for ourselves and others, no matter how people behave toward you. Includes a Kauai photo from her husband!

Revived Writer wrote a poem on the importance of opening our hearts to love, no matter what the condition. This takes courage and willingness.  Gorgeous!

Kira of Eat.Create.Repeat gave us a story on how forgiveness is a safe road out of the judgments into who we truly are – free, forgiven, and completely loved.  A first time contributor – welcome!

Ivor of Ivor Plumber Poet contributed a poem and photo on the simple beauty of nature and how timeless and yet endangered it is. A first time contributor – welcome!   

Emily of Zombie Flamingos took a host of photos at different shutter speeds.  What’s especially courageous is that she took all the photos in one go and did something new outside of her comfort zone. Way to go Emily!

Here are the guidelines of #ForgivingFridays:  

  • Every day is Friday!  Do a post today or anytime this week.
  • Be creative – there’s LOTS of space for your expression! Write a poem, take a photo, post a quote, share your story …  what opens your heart?
  • Include #ForgivingFridays in your tags
  • Create a pingback link to this post so I can find you.
  • Have fun – you are awesome!

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40 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Fridays is: Creativity to Help Us Forgive!

  1. ” THIS is the power of daring to share your heart. ” – I loved the power in this statement of yours! There is always so much that we can keep breaking through and baring our hearts. Today I posted a deeply heartful poem after a long time – I have not been feeling the urge to share in the recent times – your post gives me a timely boost of energy.

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    1. Oh Pragalbha, thank you! And I see you daring to share your heart every time you write a poem. It’s such a courageous act. Great news that you wrote a new one – I’m excited to read it. You touch my heart, Pragalbha.
      Blessings, Debbie

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great post Debbie, it was very thoughtful and caring of you to support your friend. I can identify being a ball of nerves when having to present yourself in front of a group of people. I so enjoyed listening to your poem but think I ‘liked’ it as my daughter because liking it he photo popped up. lol!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh Etta, I’m so glad that you related to this post and liked the audio of my poem! Funny that your daughter’s photo popped up. 🙂 I see you as courageously sharing your gifts with your blog. Your posts are creative and FULL of wisdom. I love reading them & sharing them with my blog followers too. Thank you for contributing them for Forgiving Fridays! So great. Sending you love and blessings. ~Debbie

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      1. Thank you Debbie. I really did enjoy your reading, it was thought provoking. My daughter often uses my computer while hers is in the shop but I believe there is intention in everything and not noticing that it was my daughter signed in is the Universe’s intention of opening resources to her 🙂 Love and Light to you Debbie xxxx Love you

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Today it strikes me that forgiving is a journey and so it may lay a path travelled. The path is decorated with creative blessings, shared along the way. What a beautiful way to decorate our world! Loving you.

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    1. Anne, you did a beautiful job of creating an inspiring image. A path decorated with creative blessings. I see trees of all kinds on both sides of this path with arched limbs, reaching toward each other across and above the path to provide just enough protection for us to continue the path of forgiveness.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Wow, Anne, I love this. This in particular: “the path is decorated with creative blessings”. I see you sharing this left and right with your chants and writing and peace work. Loving you too — so grateful to walk this path of forgiving with you.
      Love and Light, Debbie

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      1. Thanksgiving blessings to you this week, Debbie, and to all who share on Forgiving Connects. Forgiving surely does connect. There is much more creativity and forgiving yet to come from me!

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  4. Debbie, what a wonderful story of love. To stand together in quiet support of another and create a safe space for this woman to see a new possibility for herself is an act of love. I agree that creativity can provide an opening and a space for reflection.
    Thank you for sharing my poetry on your blog. I hope that my words will bring love and connection to your readers.
    Keep shining your beautiful light.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Ali! I knew you would like this post. ❤ It was truly an act of love to stand next to this woman and hold her hand while she was sharing her voice. It touched me beyond words.

      Your poetry is another act of love. Ali, thank you for contributing them for #ForgivingFridays. It's a blessing to my readers, and to me personally.

      Have a beautiful and joy-filled Thanksgiving holiday. Keep on smiling and shining your Light! 🙂
      Love, Debbie

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  5. Gorgeous post, Debbie. You articulate it beautifully how creativity allows us to confront, then free ourselves from all that judgment. Thank you for sharing your practice and this beautiful reflection on creativity! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. ps – I just realized that you may not live in the United States, so having a good holiday may not mean anything. 🙂 It’s Thanksgiving here and so it’s time to take a few days off work!


  6. Creativity is such a powerful force, whether it’s the way we express ourselves in words, song, art. I love this Debbie and it resonates deeply with me. So much to be grateful for. Blessings to you my friend xx 💙

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    1. Oh Miriam, I truly get how this post resonated for you. I’m so glad and it makes sense, given your singing and openness to creativity and flow. God, I am touched by your comments. And I LOVE your contribution for this week. Grateful to know you and be blessed by our connection, Miriam! Big hugs from across the pond 🙂 🙂

      Love and Light, Debbie

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