Today’s Forgiving Fridays: You are so beautiful

Happy #ForgivingFridays everyone! Yay! This is an opportunity for you to let go and forgive & post about it ANY DAY this week! See guidelines below. ❤ You can post whatever inspires YOU to forgive and choose love – even if you’re struggling.  e.g., you could do a poem and photo like I did, or try a painting, a quote or two, or even singing a song to help you forgive today.

Today’s Forgiving Fridays is you are so beautiful.

Today, in this forgiving day, I wrote a poem for each of you.  Actually, I compiled it from a series of poems I wrote up in Lake Arrowhead and one that I wrote last night.

The essence is that each one of us is born into this world with one purpose, to know ourselves more fully as love.

In the first handout of my coaching program, here is how I describe forgiveness:

You can envision forgiveness as a gift of your heart or as a blessing of loving. You don’t need to know how to receive this gift; just be willing to receive.

My friend’s birthday was today, and I went to Whole Foods to buy her a gift.  When I was there, I saw the most beautiful baby.  He kept smiling at me, and I knew I needed to take his photo.  It’s like he was telling a story of love through his eyes, “See, Debbie, this is who you are. A beautiful, Beloved presence of love.”

I offer it to you, along with this poem, in the hopes that it reminds you that YOU are love.  That in your heart of hearts, all is already forgiven.

(I also did a video with a simple morning practice to celebrate YOU – see the end of this post. 🙂  )

Thank you to the parents who allowed me to take his photo.


“In the arms of love”

It is in the


of the life you

seek, that in the

end you find it

ever more

following the foot,

steps, of the,

Beloved. That in

the middle, you

saw, in the [fill in your name]

that thawed in

the love of your

own face.

You. So hard, pushing, it,

Oh it, and it again-st.



+there is nothing to


I am there. Or wait (ha-ha),

I am

HERE. It is



Oh +

in this face, the eyes


S  H     Y

    O W      O U

the way

Home. Be in

this unknown +

this holy +

this sacred

sanctuary. It is

listening to you relax

the rest is

a laughter coming….



No one

asked the simple

question, that all

want to know

it is simply, in

what time will

we stop + say

that the beginning

and in the middle

and the end,

told you,

 you are the




I am SO SO grateful for all of you who contribute to Forgiving Fridays.  I learn so much from you!  Here are this week’s contributions:

Etta of Simply Etta D. shared a powerful and beautiful list of her heart-felt goals to live on purpose.  She really lays out her heart’s calling.  So courageous, Etta!

DeBorah of Roaming Urban Gypsy shared a beautiful photo collage on how she is taking care of herself by juicing and so much more….it’s an outpouring of loving for herself and quite inspirational. Go, DeB!

Pragalbha of Infinite Living wrote a poem illustrating how we can expand into who we truly are and transcend so much in this world.  A place where forgiveness resides!

And there’s more!  Pragalbha’s son Sanved Doshi (age 12) and nephew Ishan Shah (age 14) teamed up to give us a magnificent poem and painting to celebrate forgiveness.  WOW are they talented – thank you!!

Andrea of Thriving Under Pressure has great news – her Tedx talk is out! In it, she gives great tips on how to thrive, such as letting go v. holding on and BREATHING. Way to go!

Elsie of Ramblings of a Writer gave us a creative poem called a Double Tetractys on the presence of peace.  Check it out at her blog – you can join in her poem challenge!

Frank of Poetry, Short Prose and Walking  contributed a one-liner on forgiveness called “Alone”. I was reminded how we are never alone and forgiveness can help us know a love greater than what is visible to the eyes. So soothing!

Miriam of The Shower of Blessings did two great posts: one shows Mount St. Helens before and after it erupted, and the second is a hopeful tanka poem on “Renew & Refresh – both illustrate the gorgeous force of life that wants to grow.

And in case you missed it from last week: 🙂

Ali of Flashlight Batteries contributed a blessed poem on trusting our hearts to guide our way as we bloom in our lives.  Such courageous self-expression – thank you Ali!

And something I found inspiring:

Here is a video from NBC of volunteers who cuddle pre-mature babies in the hospital – imagine if we all did that for each other!


I have spent much of my life struggling to see the love inside of me. And I use forgiveness to help me receive the gift of my own beloved beauty. It is one of the guiding Lights of my life.

I’d like to end with a beautiful Rumi quote and photo nearby where I wrote this poem to remind us love is always with us, and we are never alone.



I love you.

Love,  Debbie


***This post is my contribution for The Daily Post’s Story and Frank’s Challenge, Forces. Frank, I am learning ever more, day by day, that I am love – and love is the driving force to show it to me. This prompt really inspired me to take a creative leap – thank you!!***


Here’s the video with a simple morning practice to celebrate YOU 🙂



Here are the guidelines of #ForgivingFridays:  

  • Every day is Friday!  Do a post today or anytime this week.
  • Be creative – there’s LOTS of space for your expression! Write a poem, take a photo, post a quote, share your story …  what opens your heart?
  • Include #ForgivingFridays in your tags
  • Create a pingback link to this post so I can find you. 
  • Have fun – you are awesome!!  

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40 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Fridays: You are so beautiful

  1. Count yourself Blessed these parents allowed you to take a picture of their baby. Many would not. He’s the exact representation of LOVE. Just perfect! Keep on shining your glorious Light and thank you so much for this precious post!!! Much Love to you! 😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are so welcome, AmyRose! They were lovely…. it took a few minutes for them to be ok with it, and then they said yes! Blessings to them, to this baby, and to YOU. So glad you’re here. Thanks for your comments and the blessings. Have a great weekend … and love, Debbie

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lacey thank you so much!! 🙂 I’m celebrating YOU and also your new baby to be <3. Yay. I sent out your care package yesterday. I have a little explanation, will email you in the next few days. I'm in a class this weekend called Consciousness, Health, and Healing (it's beautiful). Love you, Lacey — Debbie

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  2. Debbie, Your Forgiveness Ministry challenges me. It makes me think. I ponder all aspects of forgiveness and why I think the way I do especially with family relationships. I spend lots of time listening to Gospel Music, praying and asking God/Spirit to help me. Forgiveness is a Journey that only by listening to my inner voice. Those feelings and emotions can I hopefully release some of the baggage that has troubled me over many years.

    However I must be truthful and honest with my words, actions, emotions and feelings.

    I think that Forgiveness is a process depending on who and what hurt you in the first place. I find it easier to forgive non-family members because chances are you’ll never see those people again. Years of separation often makes you forget why you were angry with them in the first place.

    Family relationships on the other hand go deep with emotional threads that cannot be unwoven. And sometimes those ties must be cut completely in order to move forward and move on.

    Despite a somewhat rocky relationship with my mother I was able to forgive her because we achieved an understanding. For the last three 3 years of my Mom’s life were became very close. Her death was a great blow to me but Love overcame hurt and pain. Maybe because my desire to Love and be Loved by my Mom was so important to me. Realizing that my Mother always Loved me but the schizophrenia and alcoholism often caused us to clash. However time and perspective changes things. Like my mother I began dealing with mental issues, depression, bi-polar, PTSD as a young adult. I’ve been in and out of psychiatric wards, on various drugs and pills, spent time on the mental ward so I understood that my Mom and I have parallel stories. I am bone of her bone and flesh of her flesh. She is me and I am she in so many ways and on so many levels. Even though my Mom has been dead for 20 twenty years in a lot of ways I feel I’ve gotten closer to her because of share stories as well as shared bloodlines.

    Now my non-relationship with my paternal cousins well mentally I know that I should forgive them but due to deep seating hurt, pain and betrayal we will never again be close nor will we ever be reconciled to each other. I think in the six years that have passed I’ve become less angry because basically those particular cousins are drug addicted ex-cons who have worse problems than Stephen and I will ever have. After a while they have become non-entities. They no longer figure into the equation.

    I think because the past situation escalated to violence and getting the police involved its best that we went our separate ways and hopefully neither Stephen or I will ever have to interact with this branch of the family again. There will never be resolution and Stephen and I will forever be estranged from our sociopath/psychopath family members which in the light of day is a good thing. I don’t hate them but due to their violent and manipulative behaviors that’s a cord that I cut so Stephen and I could have a good life.

    Sometimes the best you can hope for is not to hate the person. They are in God’s hands and may they receive the emotional and psychological healing they need.

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    1. Oh, DeB, I really appreciate your honest and authentic sharing. You are so courageous! Sending you and your mom and Stephen and all your family members much love and Light. Acceptance – that can be a great foundational first step to forgiveness. I hear you in the struggle. (And love how you ask for God’s help)
      Have a blessed week, and thanks for being here and all the ways you contribute for #ForgivingFridays,


      1. These particular cousins are sociopaths and psychopaths. They bullied, tormented, and manipulated me for years. Finally in 2012 the truth rose to the surface about how much they hated me, Stephen and our deceased mother. Violence ensued.
        I feel Absolutely No guilt or shame in Not forgiving them.
        Stephen and I were disowned by family members. I owe them nothing. There will never be reconciliation in this world or the next. When they die I will Not attend their funerals just like I did not attend the funeral of one of my father’s sisters and one cousin. They were mean, nasty cruel individuals.
        I’ve written off that toxic branch of my family and I have no regrets. I feel nothing for them. They are nonentities who have ceased to exist.

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    1. Oh Mary, I’m so glad! It’s funny, I wrote part of that poem when I was at Lake Arrowhead, which is a gorgeous place of peace with lots of trees of all kinds. Then I wrote another part when I was doing this blog – and I put them together into what you read. First time I did that, and it seemed right on. 🙂

      I love that the baby and poem filled your heart with good feelings and love. Your presence on my blog does that for me. Much love, Mary. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

      Blessings, Debbie
      ps – blessings to your family too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Debbie, it came together so nicely! Maybe you’re on to something! I try to write my posts in parts, some take much longer than others. I don’t really have a peaceful place to write but once we have our backyard deck, that may be the place. Thanks for welcoming me here with open arms….it means so much! Keep this wonderful forgiving project going as it affects so many of us! Blessings❤️😃

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    1. Thank you Ali! I love your Spirit too. I also really loved the poem that you shared for #ForgivingFridays on trusting your heart. I had a beautiful weekend – I was in a class on Consciousness, Health and Healing. Hope your weekend was great. Many blessings, and lots of forgiveness your way Ali 🙂 Debbie

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    1. You are so welcome, Andrea! Playfulness is so important to me – it’s like a wonder of life and seeing through the eyes of love. Congratulations again on your TEDx talk and the number of visitors to your video. That is so awesome! Much love to you, and blessings to all who you serve – Debbie

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  3. Your poem is beautiful Debbie and as for that baby, I think he was meant to remind you of how perfect and innocent you were when you came into this world. And that inside every one of us still lives this innocence and love. So incredibly beautiful. Thank you for always reminding me of how precious life is. Hugs and love to you xo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh Miriam thank you!! Yes I think you’re right about that baby. ❤ I was really drawn to go to that Whole Foods, and also to go down the aisle where he was. When I saw him in his mom's arms, I stopped and knew I needed to take a picture for my blog. His smile was like from Heaven.

      You are so beautiful, Miriam. I am honored and blessed that you comment on my blog and contribute for #ForgivingFridays. Have a great big hug from me to you across the ocean!! Love, Debbie

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  4. Lovely Debbie– I so agree there is beauty in everyone. Last month I wrote valentines notes to the 28 women who come to my bible Study– it was such a revelation how much I loved each one and admired so much about them. When I finished I loved them all the more. They are beautiful too. Blessings, friend. xox

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh God, Rhonda, I am so touched that you did this! What a blessing to those 28 women, and I get that it was a blessing to you as well. ❤ YOU are beautiful. Hugs and much love. Thanks for your caring comments. Many blessings, Rhonda. Debbie


    1. I love, love, love this poem! I made more comments on your blog. 🙂 🙂 Very honored to highlight it for #ForgivingFridays. And you gave a beautiful description here. You have such a gift with your creativity and poetry. Thank you for sharing it! Love, Debbie

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