Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Endless Possibilities!

Happy #ForgivingFridays everyone! Yay! This is an opportunity for you to let go and forgive & post about it ANY DAY this week! See guidelines below. ❤ You can post whatever inspires YOU to forgive and choose love – even if you’re struggling.  e.g., try a poem, photo, or a story or inspiring quote, or a goal you have & how you can forgive to help you today (that’s what I did).

Today’s Forgiving Fridays is Endless Possibilities!

One of the most beautiful things about forgiveness is that it has so many uses.

A great one is to help you when you want to create something in your life.

For example, I have a heartfelt intention to speak at the United Nations and create an International Day of Forgiving.  How cool would this be?

And I’m scared.  What if I have no idea what I’m talking about?  (There’s more, and that’s the bottom line.)  It’s this endless doubt that I could let stop me.

My client listed a whole bunch of things that he wants to create.  When he came into the session, I put up a banner that says “The Party’s Here!”  It looks like a line that could be a “glass ceiling”, or a limit to what’s possible.

Endless Possibility

I wanted him to know that he can lift out of the world he sees and into the love his heart is calling him to express.

If I am doing that for him (if the world is a mirror), then I am doing it for me.

If I climbed up a mountain, I can speak on forgiveness.  🙂

It may feel like a mountain of its own, and that’s ok!  Because that is where I can forgive.

I forgive myself for judging myself as incapable of speaking on forgiveness.  I forgive myself for judging myself for thinking I’m not perfectly positioned for my future with what I’m doing right now.  I forgive myself for judging myself as not enough.  I pause and REALLY breathe that in.

The truth is: I am doing it.  Each time I write a blog, do a video, see a client, I am standing in the preciousness of forgiveness.  I love that part of me that gets scared and doubts.  I am holding my own hand right now.  Each time I do this, and take my next step, I strengthen in my own loving for myself. I learn the beauty of my own voice.

Funny thing is, I thought I wasn’t doing anything to take steps on this goal.  What if everything I’m doing – the forgiveness, this blog, etc – are my training ground?  What if the Universe heard me and is conspiring in my favor?

What I really want to share today is that each one of us can go for what we want, and be our own cheerleaders along the way.  It is so natural to have fears come up — in fact, this is great!  Because they show us our next opportunity to love ourselves and in the healing of forgiveness, we learn exactly what we need in order to take our next step.

Endless Possibilities Hafiz 2018


I am SO SO grateful for all of you who contribute to Forgiving Fridays.  I learn so much from you!  Here are this week’s contributions:

Etta of  Simply Etta D. asks a wonderful question, “What is my purpose here?” and offers gorgeous tips to open to limitless possibility in love. Thank you, Etta!

DeBorah of Roaming Urban Gypsy shared a beautiful photo collage on how she is taking care of herself….it’s an outpouring of loving for herself and quite inspirational. Go, DeB!

Pragalbha of Infinite Living wrote a poem illustrating how we can honor the dignity inside of each one of us. An exquisite expression of “Namaste”.  So courageous!

Kathy of K E Garland did incredible forgiveness and moved into gratitude in significant relationships in her life.  What a courageous demonstration of self-love!

Frank of Poetry, Short Prose and Walking  contributed a one-liner on forgiveness. When I read it, I experienced the great freedom of the present moment. Very inspiring!

Lorelle of A Mindful Traveler wrote a beautiful travel blog on Singapore, where she connected with two bloggers in person for the first time…an excellent story to illustrate the power of love!

Ali of Flashlight Batteries contributed a blessed poem on trusting our hearts to guide our way as we bloom in our lives.  Such courageous self-expression – thank you Ali!

Revived Writer gave us a magnificent poem on describing a feeling without naming the feeling.  Check it out and guess what it is.  (I picked loving acceptance)  Love it!

And in case you missed it from last week: 🙂

Miriam of Out An’ About gave us a wonderful post on an evening of creativity and discovery in Melbourne.  There was such connection and compassion, including a building with this question in lights: “What if you forgive someone today?” Outstanding!

And something I found inspiring:

A friend of mine sent me an article on a woman who climbed Mt. Everest.  No one thought she could do it.  She believed in herself (and I bet she did forgiveness 🙂 ).


As I open up to my next steps with the United Nations, I don’t know exactly what will happen.  What I do know is this:  When I state what’s in my heart to do, providence moves to meet me.  And forgiveness is my friend that walks with me every step of the way to help me love and grow.

Each fear I have, each time I judge, it is all a profound gift of love calling my name.

I’d like to end with a poem I wrote this morning.  I started it before writing this blog, and the end came when I finished.  The road to self-expression is so up to its own natural rhythm, isn’t it? ❤

I love you.

Love,  Debbie

***This post is my contribution for The Daily Post’s Out of this World and Frank’s Challenge, Hills. Frank, I am shouting from the hilltops my intention to share forgiveness, and to face each “mountain” as a gift to learn through forgiveness and taking my next step.  Thank you!!***


Here are the guidelines of #ForgivingFridays:  

Forgiving Fridays banner facebook

  • Every day is Friday!  Do a post today or anytime this week.
  • Be creative – there’s LOTS of space for your expression! Write a poem, take a photo, post a quote, share your story …  what opens your heart?
  • Include #ForgivingFridays in your tags
  • Create a pingback link to this post so I can find you. 
  • Have fun – you are awesome!!  


Here is the poem I wrote this morning: 

Endless Possibility

And in the void of

L-O-V-E calling your

name, it begins, it ends, it rolls

thunder. Oh, the sound.


I can’t. Hear.  Oh, Beloved, is that true in the ear that

you can not see?  Is that true in the

be-ing that you think you Are?

What comes,

What comes, and oh Beloved

What comes (peace) in the beating

of your heart.  It is your singing voice, so sweet as a drip of

dew indescribable in

its Beauty,

in the describing – ah, now that

Is your gift unto the


-D Roth


63 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Fridays: Endless Possibilities!

    1. Oh Lacey, thanks so much for your encouraging words and presence on my blog. 🙂 I really feel it, and I love you. Have a great weekend. About to go and visit your blog post, Week in Review (it’s one of my favs) Love, Debbie

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  1. How your thoughts, words and feelings resonate with me and nourish me in having the comfort of your company on a journey that feels hugely familiar! Deep, calming breaths to myself and you, as we hold our own hands gently finding our way on our paths, while cheering each other. Much Love Debbie.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Pragalbha, thank you! I so experience the comfort and nurturance of your comment. 🙂 You are a sweetheart, and I have much gratitude for you — and for the wisdom of your posts. Have a beautiful weekend, and know that you have a cheerleader of love and Light in me. Blessings, Debbie

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  2. What a wonderfully empowering post. Debbie I have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll speak at the United Nations, I have so much faith in you. You’re already spreading your truth and your forgiveness here and this in itself is radiating out to the world and this is just the beginning.
    Thank you for the hope you give here and the inspiration you are. This post resonates deeply as I aim towards things I once only dreamed about, but that I know now really are achievable. Lead the way Debbie, we’re following!! Blessings and love to you from down under. 🙏💜

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Oh Miriam, wow. This comment went directly into my heart. Thank you for your love, for your warmth, and for your courage! I so support you in manifesting your vision, and I love this: “This post resonates deeply as I aim towards things I once only dreamed about, but that I know now really are achievable.” You are so gifted, Miriam.

      My post was really from my heart on what I want to create. Knowing you are here cheering me on (I can hear you inwardly) is a blessing to me! Have a beautiful weekend. Bless you. ~Debbie ps – your contribution for #ForgivingFridays was super. Thanks again for that.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I am cheering you on Debbie. Know that you have my support and unwavering belief that you can achieve whatever you set your heart too. Thank you for your beautiful words in response to my comment. Sending you love and warmest wishes. Have a wonderful weekend xo 💖

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Hello Debbie, I am soooooo excited about your speaking on Forgiving at the United Nations! For 10 years, I had a vision for International Forgiving Day 15 March, to be celebrated annually and globally. Each 15 March I brought a group together to celebrate the blessings of forgiving. The value I experienced each year with this annual event was profound. I experienced an ever deepening quality of love each year. It had a ripple effect around the world as people would get in touch not even knowing about the celebration. So just stand in your forgiving and let it pour through at the UN!

    My own present hill to climb is offering The Marriage Whisperer Coaching and Mentoring for couples seeking to enrich their partnership, I am really excited about this, presently taking one step at a time. Of course, forgiving plays an important role among the keys and tools I am offering.

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    1. Oh Anne, I knew you would be excited! I’m putting my intention into the Universe for the highest good, and I’m open to whatever form that Spirit has in store. I have such a heartfelt prayer to touch to peoples’ hearts with this work, and to raise awareness even in the littlest of ways. 🙂

      I LOVE your Marriage Whisperer Coaching and Mentoring for couples. Yes, it is a lovely mountain, where you can put on your joy hiking boots and have a good climb. 🙂 I am sending much Light and love your way. Love you, Anne — thanks for your encouragement and support. Debbie

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh Lorelle, thank you! That is true, isn’t it? It only takes one voice to be heard. I really appreciate your support, and also your beautiful contribution to #ForgivingFridays. I acknowledge & appreciate how you look for the good things in life. ❤ Have a blessed week, Lorelle – contribute anytime! You are amazing. Debbie

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  4. Debbie, This was my favorite part of this post, “It is so natural to have fears come up — in fact, this is great! Because they show us our next opportunity to love ourselves and in the healing of forgiveness, we learn exactly what we need in order to take our next step.” This is so true.
    Your possibilities are endless if you are willing to walk through the fear to get them. Go Debbie Go!
    Sending love your way.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ali, I love how you picked out one of the key parts of forgiveness! It’s such a gift to have something to forgive, it really is. ❤ That makes the whole thing sacred and beautiful – every part of our experience. Thank you for your love, your support and your presence here. You truly uplift my blog (and me).
      Blessings for your week, Ali — Debbie

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    1. You said it, Frank! Your comments touch me…you always seem to get the essence of my blog. Thank you, and again thanks for an amazing photo challenge. For me, it’s profound. Blessings – and have a great week to you and your wife. 🙂 Debbie

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  5. All is possible with LOVE and with strong conviction. With the kind of mindset you have, Debbie, you will make that speech at the United Nations. I encourage you with all I am!! I have dreamed of speaking to large numbers of people about Love yet … the time for me to do that has not come, as I have been clearly shown. My focus presently is “teaching” by example and word and photograph what Love is through my blog. This world is in such dire need of forgiveness! I’ll share a small story with you, one that you will totally appreciate. I had a NDE in 1984. ONE of the things I was told is to not have un-forgiveness in your Heart when we die, for we will regret it greatly. Since that time I have been consciously walking a life based on Love and Forgiveness. It has been a very long and at times very painful Journey. Also, about the two pictures of you …. did YOU notice how the wind blew your hair in the form of the CROSS in the second picture? I immediately saw that and said oh wow! Go look if you haven’t already noticed it. (smile) May your Sunday be Blessed! Much Love! 💞🌸💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AmyRose, thank you for such a thoughtful comment. Wow. Your near death experience sounds like it revealed important truths for you. I honor that and also your sharing of it. ❤ I'm so glad that you're here with your blog and demonstrating love and forgiveness. Thank you!

      Have a beautiful week, AmyRose. Thanks for what you said about my hair. 🙂 Many blessings your way,

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh, really Mary?! I’ll have to go have a look. Will do that in a moment. ❤ What a treat. Love to you Mary, thanks for reading and your caring. It means a lot … you are a ray of sunshine. Blessings, Debbie


  6. Wow! Reading your blog with new eyes today! This makes so much more sense now! You are BEAUTIFUL and I am so grateful for you and your message! I SO look forward to you speaking at the United Nations!! I want to do the Forgiving Fridays but I am going to have to figure out the technical stuff such as ping backs and all- HUH! LOL! Tutorial help anyone? LOL! In the meantime- Love and Forgiveness to all today!

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    1. You are welcome to contribute to Forgiving Fridays anytime! When you do your post, all you need to do for a pingback is to include a link to my post. You can do this highlighting the words where you’d like to place the link (for example, Here is my contribution for Debbie’s “Forgiving Fridays” – and then you place the link in Forgiving Fridays). Once you highlight the words, click on the chain link icon at the top right of the page. You’ll see a space to enter a link & that’s where you include the link to my post! Here’s the most recent one if helpful:

      Have a really beautiful day. 🙂 Love and blessings, Debbie

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    1. Gbolabo, thank you very much. I’m so glad that the affirmations spoke to you and that you’re adding them to your list. I’m glad you’re here – you have a wonderful day also, and many blessings. ❤ ~Debbie


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