Forgiving Fridays Part 2 – I love you!

Hi Beloved bloggers!!  “ForgivingFridays” is a special post.  It’s a weekly invitation for you to take action to forgive today (or any day!) and post about it on your blog, or on Facebook or other social media, using #ForgivingFridays and #Iforgive.

This is a heartfelt service I began last week, for the first time.   What I see for this beautiful day of forgiving are the many expressions of love illustrated by our contributions.  (I have a painting in my room with multi-colored hearts that says, “Love in Different Colors”. Each of our posts are like those hearts)

color love in different colors 3 cropped Frank Tuesday challenge July 10 2016

Today, what I did to forgive is touch into that part of me scared to express my joy.  I had an early memory come up that I had worked with numerous times.  I did the forgiveness anyway!

And right here and now, I claim that I am joy.  It is the expression of my loving.  And if there is any part inside of me still afraid to express joy, I am ok with that too.  I am awed by the many ways that I express inwardly – and I choose to support and affirm myself.

Last week, one beautiful blogger, Simply Etta D., joined me in #ForgivingFridays with a beautiful array of photographs that inspire forgiveness for her.  Click here to read her post.  Thank you, Etta D.  You are a shining example of true service in my perspective.  🙂

Forgiveness starts inside.  My commitment is to learn that with every fiber of my being.  And I invite you to join me, however that creates a safe space inside of you.

Your expression is so beautiful. Let love show us the way.

ps – this is one of my contributions for Dutch Goes the Photo’s Weekly Challenge, Bloom.   Frank, I see each heart in this painting – and each contribution for Forgiving Fridays – as a flower blooming with the gifts of forgiveness.


Here are the guidelines of this challenge:


  • Write a post to share your contribution on forgiveness anytime up until next Wednesday night! Free free to be creative – there’s LOTS of space for your expression! Whatever inspire forgiving for you
  • Please tag your post with #ForgivingFridays (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Include a link to this post. This creates a pingback, so that I can create a post next Thursday showing all of the submissions over the week.
  • Have fun creating your own form of forgiving, of loving YOU!

25 thoughts on “Forgiving Fridays Part 2 – I love you!

    1. Oh Miriam thank you — funny, I’m a minister in an alternative spiritual organization, and the first line of my blessings is: “Spirit places a blessing of great joy.” You really picked up on it! 🙂 Smiles to you, my friend. ~Love, Debbie


  1. This is a comment rather than a blog on Forgiving. Next Wednesday I celebrate as International Forgiving Day 15th March, which I held as a vision/intention for 10 years. The purpose then as now was to open the conversation on forgiving, not as a “have to” but as an option. Especially when forgiving is difficult. The experiences of forgiving over those 10 years, when groups came together on 15th March to celebrate, was profound, transformational and deeply touching. Presently, in my Dancing With Hope Series, Awaking Your Human Spirit, I am preparing Awaking Your Spirit of Imagination. The next on the list is Awakening Your Spirit of Forgiving. God bless us humans, We judge when we do not have the full picture, or information to know better. However, having accepted the mistake and forgiven ourselves we are blessed with empathy to discover greater oneness and compassion. Thus to connect. As you say: forgiving connects !

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt day of forgiving, Anne! Love your commitment and openness to connection around forgiving. It is a blessing, and you inspire me (which I hope you know! ❤ ) Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, and I love you. Forgiving truly does bring us together, and for this and so much more, I'm grateful. Bless you!!!

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  3. Debbie, thank you for always inspiring us to forgive…just this morning, I am very annoyed with a person who gives me so much headache! But now I read your post and I am choosing to forgive and let go of the negative emotion I feel towards her…(breathing in and out). Thank you Debbie! ❤

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    1. Hi Miriam. Yay, so glad that you are contributing – I love this post. What you want to do is put #ForgivingFridays as a tag, and then also include a mention of this post in your post and a pingback to it (just like you would do for a photo challenge). Hopefully that makes sense!! Much love.

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