Today’s Forgiving Journal: Walking the Labyrinth of Love

Today’s forgiving journal is walking the labyrinth of love.

I walked the labyrinth on Friday, as a way to take care of myself.  The words that I heard inside were, “The key is loving yourself.” As I moved along the path, I did forgiveness and letting go, followed by statements of gratitude.  And I left out the most important part of what I did:

“SELF-“ forgiveness.

Forgiveness starts inside.  It is centered in our hearts.

When I started this blog, I was so hurt about a breakup.  Now, as I walked the labyrinth yesterday, I heard the still voice that says, “I am love.”

#ForgivingFridays is a new project to move the focus from judgment to something much more profound – true pardoning of ourselves and others, including the planet that we live in too.

What would you like to forgive?  I encourage you to share it!   You could post a poem, or a photo that helps you to forgive, or a quote on forgiveness, and you can also simply say, “I forgive”. Whatever connects for you.

walking-the-labyrinth-of-love-march-3-fb-march-4-fcIf it helps to share this, I’ve struggled with an eating disorder since puberty and my mom was murdered in my 30s.  I’m grateful for these opportunities to love it all – to choose forgiveness, compassion and acceptance best I can, moment to moment.

St. Francis has a great quote, “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” Thank you for walking with me on this path of forgiving. We are all sunbeams!

I love you!

Love, Debbie

ps – This blog is in response to Dutch Goes the Photo’s Weekly Challenge, Structure.  Frank, the structure of the labyrinth reminded me that love is the foundation of forgiveness. I really needed that awareness.  Thank you.

pps – If you do share forgiveness anytime this week, just link back to this post & add the tag #ForgivingFridays ❤ . This way, I can be sure to share it.



27 thoughts on “Today’s Forgiving Journal: Walking the Labyrinth of Love

    1. That is beautiful, Xenia. When I read what you wrote, something inside of me relaxed. Each step we take – that I take – to forgive is a place of rest and peace.
      Much blessings to you and your dogs too, Debbie

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