Today’s forgiving journal: How to forgive when I don’t know what else to do

Today’s forgiving journal is how to forgive when I don’t know else what to do.
I did a “Forgiving Fours” video the other day on steps to forgiveness. I had to pause on step two, because I was just having a hard time. There has been so much change in my life, and I was trying to keep it all together in this video when that is not where it was.
So I just stopped. And said how I was having a rough time. That was the first time I have ever done that.
Well, that’s not really true. There are other times in my life where I just didn’t know what to do. One was when I was at a spiritual growth seminar and was having a hard time. I stopped a process that was going on to say that. I didn’t know what else to do, except to stop and be really honest.
I am done on being hard on myself. I am done on “the doing”. I don’t know what to do to let this pattern go, and that is ok. I know that I can stop and say no more.
Time for forgiving:
1 – Self-forgiveness: I forgive myself for judging myself for doing not being. I forgive myself for judging myself for being really hard on myself. I forgive myself for judging others who say I’m being not doing as fake and pretending to be spiritual.
2 – Letting Go: I let go of these judgments into the Light and I step free. Into what? We shall see.
3 – Gratitude: I am so grateful for doing things differently. I am grateful for my courage, period.
I did a painting called “Blessings of Oneness”, and I kept it on my trip across the country.
I didn’t know consciously why I painted what I did, or what the experience of Oneness is. What I do know is that I’m stopping to find out.
I love you.

ps – this post is my response to Frank’s photo challenge, flow.  Frank, I am learning to go with the flow of oneness.  Thank you so much.

Here’s the video I did where I stopped ❤


26 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: How to forgive when I don’t know what else to do

  1. I think sometimes the hardest thing to do is allow ourselves to stop. We are so conditioned to just keep going no matter what that we forget that it’s ok to let go sometimes. Thanks for your post – it’s helping me deal with my own stopping today…

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  2. Sometimes it takes even greater strength to accept the humanness in us …the spiritual aspect and the Being of along with what is, can get confusing …you are so amazing at catching yourself in all of this and taking the time to release that in the flow of forgiving and allowing …

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    1. Thank you!! Awareness and acceptance and honesty are such keys for me in loving and forgiving myself. The process of learning and allowing is a gift. You just reminded me of all that. I appreciate you and the wisdom you bring.

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  3. It takes much courage and love to post and share your journey with forgiveness and self acceptance. It’s okay to simply stop when you’re not sure what to do next and you don’t owe any explanation. I truly hope you settle into your move and that you find that it was a good move for you. Please remember it takes time for settling in and finding your way there. I sure enjoy your posts and they are inspirational to me. Sending many blessings💗

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    1. Oh thank you so much. I’m aware of wanting to push the process a bit, like I want to know what’s next (maybe to justify why I moved). I forgive myself for all of that, acknowledge myself for where I am, and come into the joy of this moment! Many thanks …. I am so glad you are here. Sharing a big hug and smile 😊😊

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  4. I shared a little tear with you this morning Debbie… Thanks so much for being honest… we need to see more people being honest about life and not just showing ‘perfection’… I really appreciate that about you! Also, when we are going through those tougher times in our lives and it feels like ‘the worst thing’… we often come through the other side months later and look back and realise that it turned out to be the best thing… I’m sure that will be so for you Debbie in your ‘learning journey’. Angel Blessings my friend! xx

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    1. Thank you, Wendy. I got a lot of strength from your sharing, thank you for that reminder. One thing I’m present to is that all of it – the move, our tears, the wins and the issues – are all love. Continuing to choose love each day 😊 Blessings my friend

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  5. I can identify with this on so many levels! When I moved, I had the same feeling as you did….”Why did I move?” “Did I make the right choice?” “Then bringing up ALL the quote, unquote mistakes of the past and hurting myself by being angry at myself, judging myself and literally beating myself up. I had to lock myself in a room and write down everything I was forgiving myself for! The list was pretty long, but by the end, I was rolling over in laughter.

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    1. Etta, I love that! What a good method, to take yourself through your judgments (especially writing them down) and to come out the other side with laughter. I learned a lot from your comments. Thanks and blessings! 💖


  6. Debbie– you are amazing for the time you spent in reflection. Most people hurtle through life without a thought to what it all really means. I hope and pray your find real oneness with the God who made you and loves you. You are such a dear soul. love to you friend. xo

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  7. OH Debbie…you are so incredibly brave to be so honest. Most people struggle with being real in the privacy of their little bubble so to be that real and then put it out there makes me so proud to call you my friend. Much love.

    ps…it is beautiful there. ❤

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