Today’s forgiving journal: Going for what we want…and forgiving

Today’s forgiving journal is about going for what we want….and forgiving.

Have any of you ever had a block to knowing what you want?  I do!  In fact, I often am much better at identifying steps to take to get what I want (such as gratitude and forgiveness) than actually knowing what my end goal is!  Hey, it’s a start, right?  🙂

Today, I became aware that I want to write a book.  It’s a book of forgiving blog posts, plus some poetry, plus some open empty space to see what my creativity brings in.

The thing is, I remember being a kid and thinking I am powerless to get what I want.  Just to say that it’s not been easy for me to stand up and say YES for myself.

Forgiving the judgments present and letting them go is an incredible tool to clear blocks and listen for my heartfelt vision—and take new and expansive action to create that.

Before I forgive, I have one more thing to say.  That is, I see my little girl inside.  The fact that she’s showing her dreams to me means that she trusts me.  I commit myself to being worthy of her trust.  I love you.

Time for forgiving with my 3-step process:

going-for-what-we-want-and-forgiving-oct-16-20161 – I forgive myself for judging myself for denying that there is a little girl inside of me that sometimes feels hurt.  I forgive myself for judging myself as powerless to go for what I want.

2 – I let go with a resounding YES!  🙂  I am the presence of love and share my gifts beautifully.

3 – I am grateful for all the teachers that I have in my life.  You show me so much about being good to myself and about how to live and love powerfully.  Thank you.


Right now, the titles I’m looking at for my book are “Forgiving Connects” or “Forgiving Journal” or even something like “Putting Love First: Forgiveness, Letting Go, and Gratitude”.

What I’m excited about is to learn more about love in the writing of it.

I love you!  Thank you for listening.



A video with 4 keys on going for what you want and forgiving ….

19 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Going for what we want…and forgiving

  1. Oh yes, I know all about blocks! But it sounds as though you know what you want Debbie, so go for it girl. That book is just waiting to be written and it has your name all over it. Warmest wishes and hugs as you move forward xo

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  2. Hey Debbie– add me to the list of people encouraging you to write the book– you have so much to say and the varied format sounds so inviting… You have a lot of friends here who would love to read it…


  3. I so resonate with so much of your post. Gosh, Debbie I am always amazed by your authenticity. You inspire me to dig deep and really identify the parts within myself parts that I have not forgiven. I love how you talk about standing up for yourself. I think for so long I put myself on the back burner, wanting to be unobtrusive to others- but sometimes just going for what we want full force and ignoring every single reason not to is freedom coming to fruition. I can’t wait to read your book. Sign me up for a copy. Heck, I’ll take the rough draft ❤ So thankful for you!


  4. I’m in a period of ‘change’ in my life and the thing I’m ‘struggling’ with is looking inside and knowing what it is I truly ‘want’ to be doing.. I appreciate this post so much! Thankyou xx

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    1. Hi Wendy, I am so glad that you are here, and I’m sending you many blessings on your self-discovery. 🙂 The book idea just came in one day as a flash of inspiration! Keep in touch with your own inspirations if you want to… it would be lovely to hear them. Love, Debbie

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      1. Thanks Debbie – how amazing to get such inspiration in a ‘flash’ – wow! And… how lovely for you to offer your support to me too.. Thank you – sent with love! x

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