Today’s forgiving journal: A beautiful sharing on forgiveness!

Today’s forgiving journal is a beautiful sharing on forgiveness.

In my last blog, I asked for contributors to share your stories on forgiving, and I posted four questions to help guide your way. (Oh gosh, I am so touched.)

Well good news!  We have our first forgiveness story.  This one is by K E Garland, and she has a wonderful blog, Kwoted.

Thank you so much K E for sharing. A Beautiful Sharing on Forgiveness July 28 2016

If anyone else would like to share their response to one or more of the questions below, please email me at  I would love to hear your journey of forgiving.

I love you.




What is forgiving to you?

Forgiveness means letting go of whatever the so-called grievance is.

What helps you to forgive?

What helps me to forgive is remembering that I once too wanted forgiveness, and because I’m imperfect, I’ll probably need forgiveness in the future from someone.

Do you have a story about forgiveness that you’d like to share?  Please do!

I discuss my father quite a bit on my personal blog. He abandoned me when I was sixteen and I remained stuck in that feeling for over two decades. I blamed him for many of my life’s stumbles, even when he and I were not in communication, and even when he couldn’t have been the reason for my missteps. I blamed everything on the abandonment. I never thought he’d apologize, so I spoke forgiveness out loud to no one in particular. Once I forgave him for doing the best he could in the situation, and also forgave myself for holding a grudge for all of those years, then I shed years of abandonment burden. I began to live a more conscious life, free from blame and judgment.

What can you start doing right now to help you forgive?

Always remember that whatever you seek from someone else you should offer. I’m loosely paraphrasing a Rumi quote. If you want forgiveness, then simply forgive someone else. Don’t wait for an apology. Speak the words out loud: I forgive _____ for ______. You’ll feel better the more you say it.


Graces comes to forgive A Beautiful Sharing July 28 2016

13 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: A beautiful sharing on forgiveness!

  1. Wow ! Her story is quite amazing!! Also the last line is absolutely true. I learn something everytime I read a post of yours,I wish I could’ve shared my story but am still on my journey so I shall learn from you first Debbie 😊❤️
    Lotsss of loveee

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