Today’s forgiving journal: Learning about love <3

Today’s forgiving journal is learning about love.

A Poem in Motion

Ever so slowly
So lovely it is …..
To learn to




Really, what else is there?
The mind tried to control what I said
The emotions would lead me to victimhood
My body, oh my body is still a mystery.
And I breathe,

Learning to love, deeply.
In all words, there is but one purpose:
To compassionately give my heart to

L. O. V. E.
-Signed by Debbie Roth

I forgive myself for judging myself for trying to control my blog posts. I let this all go into the Light and give myself permission to PLAY CREATIVELY. I am so grateful to be me.

I love you!

Love and Light,

19 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Learning about love <3

    1. Oh Miriam that is so awesome. You’re helping me do it again right now. (and I already needed it) So much love and blessings your way. ❤
      BTW, I'm starting "Forgiving Circles", where a small group of folks share via Skype in response to a question on forgiving. It's a really sweet process! If you are ever at all interested, just let me know & happy to give more info. Anyway, thanks again Miriam.

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