Today’s forgiving journal: Good friends

** I started a forgiving Facebook group & you are so welcome to join in if you like! It’s a way to share in a loving, nurturing community.  ❤ **

Today’s forgiving blog is about good friends

I’m aware that I feel all ajumbled in relationships (is that a word?). I have a fear to show all the parts of me, because I think people won’t love me. I started writing a whole story about this, and deleted it. It is just not necessary. What I really want to write is that I am open toLove is All There Is June 19 2016 loving myself and others!! I am open to learning how to better communicate what’s going on for me and to listen what is going on for others!! I am open to abundance with my relationships!!

A dear friend just messaged me, “Wow relax Deb – too serious mate. There are no have to’s in this life. It appears that you are letting your mind get in the front of reality.”

Time for forgiveness:
1 – Self-forgiveness: I forgive myself for judging myself for being really tight with my best friends. I forgive myself for judging myself for acting out with myself and with men. I forgive myself for judging !!
2 – Letting go: I let go of any anger, any shame, any needing to prove anything to anyone (including myself) into the most beautiful Light that is available at this time!!
3 – Gratitude: I am grateful for loving myself. I am grateful for my friends who don’t bull shit me. I am grateful for surrendering and saying, I am open to learning more. I am grateful for my generosity of Spirit.


My friend Dewi has a birthday this weekend. She’s showing me a lot about how to be in friendship. I just gave her a gift decorated with flowers. We have a chance today to hang out and keep celebrating her day. I’m going to take it. Time for a new story.

I love you.


Love heals all things 2 June 19 2016

Love heals all things June 19 2016

love heals all things 3 June 19 2016.jpg

19 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Good friends

    1. Thanks, RGS! We had such a wonderful sharing. It was a creative time …. we ended up going to brunch and talked about where we are in our lives. I shared about my vision of forgiving, including possibly a traveling workshop for the Int’l Day of Peace this September! (Could be neat) Anyway, blessings to you. 🙂


  1. Oh I love a friend that wont bullshit me too. I like a good combo of ‘gets me..and no bullshit’ That’s the perfect recipe for a great friend. Debbie, I feel so lucky to call you my friend. 🙂 ❤

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