Today’s forgiving journal: Getting free

Today’s forgiving blog is about getting free.

I had an exchange with someone today, where I started to doubt my response.  I got so worried about what they would think of me.  Period.  I could write a lot more, and that’s really what it boils down to.

My spiritual mentor John-Roger once asked me (as I was telling my story), what is it that you really want?  The way he did it helped kick me up – with a lot of loving – into a place of altitude, where I got so clear on what I was truly looking for.  In my exchange today, I had a similar experience, where I was clear as I was typing my response that it was loving, respectful, and in integrity.

That, for me, is getting free – being confident in myself and living from that place of clarity. Living in my heart.

freedom_quote_7 June 3 2016Time for my forgiving process. Whew:

1 – Self-forgiveness: I forgive myself for judging myself for not trusting in my choices.  I forgive myself for judging myself for allowing my doubts to run me.  I forgive myself for judging myself for wanting this person to love me and to like me.

2 – Letting Go: I’m not sure how to let this one go exactly, so I’m asking for help from the divine support that works with me!  Please help me let go, forgive and forget for the highest good.

3 – Gratitude: I am so grateful for the keys I get through this process.  I’m aware that humor is a huge one.  Unfortunately, I told the only joke that I know in an earlier blog J  If any of you guys have a good joke I can use in a future blog, let me know!


Well, I think that’s enough for today.  Getting free is really working me – it’s like a step-by-step process into the unknown.

There’s one more thing that I’d like to say, and that is: it really hurt inside of me to think this person didn’t love me anymore.  I don’t really have anything more on that now, except that it feels really good inside just to write down the words.

I love you.

Love, Debbie

5 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Getting free

  1. Hope writing it down was therapeutic for you Debbie.
    I have a joke for you. It’s a bit corny but here goes:
    A mushroom walks into a bar. The barman looks at him and says “I don’t serve mushrooms here”.
    The mushroom turns to him and says “Why not I’m a fun guy. “

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    1. Ha ha ha! Thank you, Miriam, that is great. I have a new joke to add to my repertoire. 🙂 Also, thank you for your caring. It was therapeutic to write it down. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings to you!

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