Today’s forgiving journal: Trusting the love of myself

Today’s forgiving blog is trusting the love of myself.

I realize that when it comes right down to it, I don’t fully trust that I will love myself, no matter what.  That no matter what I do, what I say, how I act, that I will love unconditionally – that I will never, ever leave myself inwardly.

Well, I choose right now, in this time and place, to love myself unconditionally.  To change that old pattern of turning away from myself and from denying myself love.

I’m even trying to get this blog perfect, like I need to have the perfect words for you or for me or for some being out there who I don’t even know.  The truth is that loving speaks through all of it, and I can trust in this.

So, as my blog is about, I forgive myself for judging myself for denying love to myself.  I forgive myself for judging that I need to have the perfect words to forgive and to love.  I give all this over to the Spirit, and I go free.  I am so grateful for my commitment to care for myself – it is something I choose over and over again, and I choose to love me right now, again.

This is my 3rd day in a 3-Day quote challenge that a dear blogger asked me to do, on loving (how perfect is that).  So here are my quotes for today.  The first one was written on a cute little chalkboard of my friends whose home I’m staying in tonight.  So perfect.

Lee and Kays quote on love

The second one is a quote on trust I kept around until it was time to use.

trust Goethe

Putting them together, here’s a quote by Debbie:

“As soon as you trust yourself, regardless the question, you will know how to love.” –Debbie

It is now my turn to choose 3 new bloggers to do the 3-day quote challenge…. with a focus on JOY.  I choose:

A Kinder Way

Heart and Soul974

Meandering Maverick

“Rules” are simple and straightforward:

  1. Thank the person who invited you to join
  2. Post 1 or 3 quotes for 3 consecutive days
  3. Choose 3 other bloggers to share the love


I love you!



14 thoughts on “Today’s forgiving journal: Trusting the love of myself

  1. Love the second quote! I had an opportunity just today to engage it. As a result I feel lighter and clearer, more able to be of service to myself and others 🙏


    1. Hi Cezane – I’m so glad you like the quote on trusting ourselves…I just reread it myself after reading your comment. Thank you, I needed the reminder. Self-trust is truly a blessing and the presence brings me into a greater calm. Have a wonderful rest of your day! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Lisa! Thank you 💖

      I just read your post, and it’s lovely. You are a gem, and I appreciate you. Smiles!
      Love, Debbie
      PS – self trust is one of the my important keys for my life so far. Thanks again Lisa.


  2. Thanks to fromdreamtoplan for leading me to your blog. I love this post and look forward to reading lots more… Have a great week taking lots of time to remind yourself what you love about yourself! x

    Liked by 1 person

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